Friday, 14 October 2011

Miss Lee Cafe 별다방 미스리

Part 3 - Miss Lee Cafe 별다방 미스리

Do you know this reality show ?
If you know, i hope you enjoy this post ! :D
*i don't know about this reality show*

Picture Courtesy
Miss Lee Cafe 별다방 미스리 is one of the shooting locations for We Got Married - YongSeo Couple.

I was taking some pictures of Insa-dong surrounding and suddenly my friend's so happy ! She said something about MBC, YongSeo Couple, We Got Married....
ok, so we decided to have some snacks inside !

My friend  noticed the "MBC"
Their menu

My friend's so happy seeing the notice about YongSeo couple on the board

Take picture with the mascot

Go upstairs ! The cafe is at the 2nd floor.

The array of the lamp is so cute
Notes written by visitors. YongSeo couple did this too.
Wrote mine too of course ! :D
You can place the notes anywhere you want ^^

The lamp is really cute

Do you see the empty seat behind me, my right side?
That is where the YongSeo couple sat. How do i know?
It has the sign at the ceilings (i didn't take the picture).

We chose to sat by the window
The menu book !

They serve coffee, tea, Korean traditional snacks, persimmons, ice cream, etc. See their menu here.
The only "heavy" menu is the popular old style lunchbox.
The old style lunch box. Picture Courtesy

Picture Courtesy
So, we ordered the lunch box ( 추억의 도시락 - KRW 5,500 including a soup )
and cold persimmons ( 아이스홍시 - KRW4,500 ).

Before shaking it. All you need to do is shake shake shake it.

This is actually just a jar of water and 2 cups. But the colours and the way they put it makes it cute.

Happy friend
Want to come here too ?
Get off at Anguk subway station (Line #3) and go to Exit #6.

The orange colour is the Anguk subway station Exit #6.

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