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Is a kitchen important?

If you are going to other place and need to stay for quite a time, you might need to find a housing.

Whatever the housing type is, you can't miss to thing about this matter which is kitchen. Because it is the important process of fulfilling your stomach and desire of foods. haha!

As a person who can't cook except very simple food like instant noodles, fried eggs, and else... For me, kitchen is not important .. er... was not really important.

One of the reasons i decided to choose hasukjib 하숙집 is i don't think about food because the landlord will cook 2 times a day - breakfast and dinner - haha.. I only need to buy my lunch.
So, living in hasukjib means i don't need to cook, don't need to buy ingredients from market, no need to think of the menu, and of course no need to clean up the mess after cooking. LOL!!!! Besides, i can eat genuine Korean foods, right? It is nice to learn the culture ( food culture :D )..

And really... i really enjoy every food that my landlord cook everyday. All of the foods are very delicious.. especially the soup. And of course we have so many side dishes everyday... So everyday we get a main dishes (rice + soup + sometimes egg, donkatsu, or else) and shared side dishes..
Almost everytime i praise my landlord for the delicious foods. Everyday i enjoy the foods.. especially the soup of course. I like soup a lot a lot a lot...

Side dishes at a time. Some of the side dishes might change every 1 - 2 weeks.
But kimchi will always be there. Usually people always have baechu kimchi.
At my hasukjib, we have either baechu kimchi 배추 김치 (napa cabbage kimchi) or chonggak kimchi 총각 김치(Korean ponytail radishes) everyday.

Eating kimchi everyday - eating healthy foods everyday - makes me not constipated anymore.. haha! And also makes me want a kimchi refrigerator also later at my home. hahahha!!!
So, usually... mostly.. Koreans have kimchi refrigerator 김치 냉장고 at their home.. It is a special refrigerator for storing kimchi ONLY. And... the size is quite big! The kimchi refrigerator at my hasukjib as exactly the same size as a washing machine. At the first time i thought it's a washing machine until the day i saw my landlord was taking kimchi out from the kimchi refrigerator! :D

My landlord is making Chonggak Kimchi at a time.
Next month she will be making Baechu Kimchi - she will use 100 napa cabbages!
Usually Koreans make Baechu Kimchi at November.
Try reading this and this.

Okay.. back to "is a kitchen important?"....

But... living at hasukjib - or you can call it homestay, you can't cook because there is no personal or shared kitchen. The kitchen is the landlord's. And usuallly the landlord's don't allow you to cook.
At my hasukjib, other students and me live at the 2nd floor. And the landlord live at the 1st floor. The kitchen is at the 1st floor. There is a sliding door which separates the 1st and 2nd floor. Except the meal time, the door is locked.

Then, there's a time i was kinda missing my country's most famous instant noodles which is Indomie..
Ah, Indomie.. how i miss eating you.. the soup type one, and personal additional vegetables, bean sprout, chilli, eggs, fried shallots (bawang goreng) ... thinking of eating it when the weather is kinda cold.... oh how i wish i have a kitchen too. People said there is a store at Itaewon which sell Indomie.. So, i can buy.. but i can't cook T__T

I miss you, Indomie..
I am really good at cooking Indomie. hahaha! My mom is really good at cooking indomie too.
Though basically everyone can cook Indomie, but some are so - so, some are good, and some are just plain. hehe.
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Other thing which makes me wish that i have a kitchen is... i miss potato..

Today, the landlord cooked 닭도리탕 which is a soup with chicken and potato.
When i eat the potato... omg... i feel so happy and how i miss potato !!!

Potato is my most favourite food ! I like everything made from potato. Until now i haven't dislike any food made from potato - which i have tried.
I like steamed potato, mashed potato, baked potato, boiled potato, fried potato, potato snack especially Chitato, potato pancake 감자전, ................... more else..

Chitato, you are being missed !
Picture Courtesy

Picture Courtesy
At home, my grandma know that i love potato and she will cook potato soup for me regularly..
Sometimes i also eat potato only as my breakfast.. Potato + hot dog..
And when i miss potato, sometimes i went to get french fries from fast food store in my country.
And sometimes i had Chitato for my snack ...
And not to mention the mashed potato made by my mom is the best mashed potato i have ever had in my life.

In Korea,
i already tried some potato snacks but from which i have ever tried, none can beat my love for Chitato... T_T
i've never been to fast food store at here except went to Kraze Burger @ COEX with my oppa.. so i never had fried potato since last month... I miss french fries, curly fries, wedge fries, baked potato ...

This is the first time my landlord cooked something using potato! So i was like .... on the way to heaven filled with potatoes. hahahha!!

Sometimes i am kinda envying my friends who live in dormitory or other place which has own kitchen. haha! Coz when we missed the food which we usually eat before, we can cook it...

So, for you who are planning to find a housing... don't forget to think about if you need kitchen or not ^^

PS. But i don't regret my decision to stay in hasukjib because my landlord is very kind, very care, nice, etc. I also eat delicious and healthy foods everyday... ^^

Pictures of the leaves of a tree at my school :

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