Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I like SNSD's first single - Into The New World

If you like K-Pop, yesterday night and today might be one of the most interesting days because SNSD's new single called "The Boys" released !

My friend who is a SNSD's fan talked about the new single from a few weeks ago.
And yesterday night (i don't know at what time) it's released.
Before i went to sleep last night, i managed myself to see the teaser of the music video (the full music video's not released yet).

I was not that interested so i only watched the teaser once though i think the video is kinda interesting because of cool settings and colors + girls are pretty.
I am not a fan of K-Pop and i was only thinking about X Japan who will perform in Seoul this October 28th.

And this morning, i look at my twitter, ...... most of the people i followed were tweeting about SNSD's The Boys! Wow ! SNSD is really "something"or i think K-Pop is really "something" these times.

After being bombarded by tweets about SNSD, i went to school. My friend showed me the released music videos (Korean version & English version) at her phone. My friend like the English version more. I can't comment because i'm not a fan of the music.. But i think the video is amusing especially because the place settings are cool, colours are beautiful (the pink colour - flowers or papers, i don't know), the lights are cool, the girls are pretty and look more mature, etc.

After school, when we were walking back to home, we were still talking about SNSD -.-" hahaha!
That is because i asked my friends some questions about SNSD such as when SNSD is formed, etc. I was wondering because my friend said that she is happy because now is the Girls' Generation time!
(Girls' Generation = SNSD's international name)

Why that statement made me curious?
I think it is a strong statement. If you said something about girl band who has a big influence to a time (or era), i can only think about Spice Girls.
I used to think so...

until at home, i was reading blogs and saw this article by The Grand Narrative - The Most Impressive Girl-Group Dance Performance Ever ?

This explanation by askback made me click on the "play" button quickly.

“This is the most impressive dance performance I’ve ever seen from a girl group. It almost beggars belief. The stuff around the 3 minute mark is just scary…. Helps that it’s all lip-synced — it’s noticeably less sharp on regular performances — and that the camera is fixed so we get the amazing sync work and units moving around the stage. I don’t expect them to ever match this level again because it was their debut track and they exclusively practiced this choreography for such a long time”.

My attention's at : "I don’t expect them to ever match this level again because it was their debut track and they exclusively practiced this choreography for such a long time".

And i am amazed by the performance indeed!
The girls are so energetic.. !
And while watching it, my focus is only to their dance performance and song, not their face, not their body, not their cuteness, not their aegyo, etc. as what i usually do when i watch their other videos. I think this is because the camera position is fixed too and not shooting the face only, etc.
(really, when i was watching other videos of them, i usually focus on seeing their face, legs, etc. and not focus on their dance performances AT ALL)

After watching this video, i really admit that they are "something"..
They are really impressive for their performance. The song is nice too.
I really like the kicking style around 3:58 ^^
and i agree that around the 3:00 is very amazing ! The power, the precision, etc.

So, i can say that i really like SNSD's first single - Into The New World
(i found myself replaying this video for almost 20 times now and still counting)

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