Saturday, 15 October 2011

Gwanghwamun 광화문 & Cheonggye Stream 청계천 at evening

Gwanghwamun Square never fail to impress me.
I always love this place. The feeling when i am there is just so..... somehow peaceful.
Either going there at afternoon or evening time, both makes me happy.

Took a few pictures only as my camera is not very great to capture night scene.

My friend's paying respect to King Sejong ! :D
And.. of course.. if you go to Gwanghwamun, never ever forget to go to Cheonggye Stream.
Same like Gwanghwamun Square, Cheonggye Stream never fail to make me happy too.

Cheonggye Stream at night.. The moon's so beautiful too at that night.

At the beginning of the Cheonggye Stream, we saw these gorgeous horse carriages.
Feels like in a fairy tale ? :D

I think water is a very great element which can make people become more sensitive..
You can feel peaceful, happy, sad, blank, etc.

Saw a very very cute girl there.....
When i see cute girl at this age (3-5 years old), i always think of my cousin - Nikita. I miss her so much!
Later i will let my daughter wear a big bow on her head too ^^
At evening time, you can see some laser(?) attractions like Digital Garden & Digital Canvas at Cheonggye Stream.

Digital Garden.
I took this pic at around 6 PM therefore the laser is still not really bright because the sky is still bright.

Digital Canvas.
Hard to take moving object at night by my camera.
My friend threw some coins at the wishing well.

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