Saturday, 1 October 2011

Gwanak Mountain 관악산

Many people say that these days are the best time to do hiking..
Because the weather is not hot and not too cold. The weather nowadays are around 8 - 19 Celcius degree.
(But it is kinda cold for me who is from a tropical country which weather usually is around 31 Celcius degree..)

My friends and me are afraid that later the weather will become even colder and we can't do hiking anymore because we are not used to cold weather.. So we decided to hike the Gwanak Mountain asap!

Gwanak mountain is the mountain behind Seoul National University. It is so close to us ^^
There are some routes to hike to Gwanak mountain - from near Seoul National University, Sadang Station, or Naksongdae Station. Read more information about Gwanak Mountain here.

We started the hiking from near Seoul National University around 11 AM.

There are so many people there! Many Korean really like to do hiking...
There are children, teenagers, young man & ladies, ajumma & ajossi, and grandparents too ^^
And.. many of them have complete equipments for hiking! From the shoes, trousers, shirt, jacket, bag, stick, hat, gloves, etc. !

We are surprised that there are many teenagers because.... i've never thought of hiking when i was a teenager.. and i believe most of my friends were the same ! We'd rather play computer/internet or other activities rather than hiking. haha!

My friends starting to hike happily

My friend and me

Autumn! Some of the leaves has turned brown.

Mt. Gwanak Lake Park

And... at last... we made it to the summit !
After take a rest several times... ate our packed lunch (kimbab), had fresh water from the mountain's spring, sometimes feel kinda cold, happy when see the sunshine, try to sunbathe, and else... haha..

This is the view from the summit of Gwanak Mountain ! 관악산 연주대 ! 629m above sea level ^^

View from the summit of Gwanak Mountain ~

My friends ^^

Satisfied + Sunbathing !

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