Sunday, 30 October 2011

Everland !

Like this picture very much.
Taken by meneeeee using her i-phone ^^
Love the picture background?
So many flowers and so colourful!
Where was I ??

I was at Everland !!

Everland is an amusement park operated by Samsung Group and is the most popular amusement park in South Korea !

1-day ticket is KRW38,000 for adult
There are many rides and attractions for you to try and see !
1 day is not enough :P

These are some of the rides which my friends and I tried. We tried some thrilling rides :D


Double Rock Spin

Hmm.. do you see the roller coaster back there??

The name of the roller coaster is T-Express

T-Express roller coaster is currently the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world (77 degrees!)
When queueing, i was so nervous already (i have never ever been nervous with other roller coaster which i have tried before). But T-Express.... i was soooo nervous...

When riding it, i screamed like crazy and my legs were trembling hahahahha....
But it's a very cool ride!!!

After riding some thrilling rides, let's cool down... :D

Amazon Express
Then, let's take a rest by seeing beautiful flowers!!

Rose Garden
And then.... like usual, i always want to ride merry-go-round at night ! LOL!!!!
When i was a teenager (around 14 years old, i never want to ride merry-go-round because i feel like the ride is only for a kid :P
But... after being an adult, i alwaysss want to ride merry-go-round hahahha!! Because merry-go-round has beautiful horses, lights, etc which cause a feeling like a PRINCESS. LOL!!!!

So beautiful!!!

feel like Cinderella ? :P

Nice horse!

And then don't forget to watch parades. There are some parades to see. But i missed all the parades except the Moonlight Parade :D

And watched fireworks before going home! ^^

People waiting to see the parade
Here's a little bit about Moonlight Parade ^^

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