Monday, 24 October 2011

Enjoying tea

I supposed to post this last week but i was lazy. haha..

So, there's a day for learning culture in our course. And for Level 1, we can see the tea ceremony.
There's a tea house 찻집 at our school. So we went there last week..
Two lucky students from Level 1 can wear the hanbok 한복 and learn about the tea ceremony directly (it's them who performed the tea ceremony to the rest of the students).

At the traditional time, this certain blue skirt 치마 colour is for a married lady.
If there is embroidery at the end of the sleeves, that means the lady has son.
If there isn't embroidery at the end of the sleeves, that means the lady has daughter.

Tea set
This is the color of hanbok for a lady
Lady's right hand should be in front of left hand
Giving a bow 절 - and for a man, the left hand should be in front of right hand
Accompanied by music from traditional instruments
When they change the position of the spoon head into this position, the tea ceremony is started
I don't take many pictures because i myself want to enjoy the tea ceremony :D
It is kinda a beautiful ceremony.. The movement, the pace, everything is beautiful.
They prepared the tea slowly.. First, they washed the cups.. And then prepare for the tea.. There is waiting time like they waited for the hot water to be around 80 degrees (they were preparing green tea). There is an order when pouring the tea into cups. And more.... :D

There were 3 types of tea for us to choose there. Green tea 녹차, plum tea 매실차 , and Chinese quince tea모과차. Most of my friends chose the plum tea and Chinese quince tea because we never had them before :P

My  매실차 plum tea
Korean traditional snacks to eat together when drinking tea
Me, Marius from Germany, and Tanumporn from Thai (photo taken by Tugdual from France)
Patti from USA and Tugdual from France
Browsed a video from youtube :D

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