Saturday, 22 October 2011

Coffee Prince (The 1st Shop) 커피프린스 1호점

Do you recognized the picture above?

It is the 1st shop of Coffee Prince ! Yes, it is the same location like in the drama ^^

Located in Hongdae.
The Korea Tourism website give the direction to go to the cafe but my friends and me think that the direction is somehow not good enough. It says "turn right at Seven Springs corner" but what is Seven Springs??? So my friend found Coffee Prince using google maps. yeay!

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince is one of my favorite dramas.. So i was excited to come here...

BUT ....

When we arrived... the fence was half closed.. we looked into the outdoor space but somehow the outdoor space was like... er.. not tidy??

My friends and me became not sure if this is the place, if the place is still open or closed down, etc.
But we saw some people is inside through the window so that means it's open.

*i didn't take much pictures even though i really love the drama.. i only take pictures which seems acceptable to me.. because i have a kinda high expectation before coming here.. but... the place is just below my expectation (one of my friends who watched the drama too also think the place is below her expectation)*

Many unused cans.. I don't know if they put the cans there for purpose or what..
But i think the cans are not giving any nice image to the cafe at all.

Many unused cans

many cans and boxes which i think are so not nice to see..
just so in contrary to the surrounding - not harmonious at all!
Entered the cafe and a waiter/barista? (girl) gave us menu directly when we were passing the barista's table. She didn't smile at all.
We were lil bit surprised because we haven't had a chance to find a place to seat! We were not in the fast food shop, girl!

We were standing there in front of the cashier and thinking of what to order and she already said to us, "Please pay first". TWICE. I already feel kinda irritated and all my excitement to this place lost already (already lost some since passing the fence because of the place is not tidy, the plants outside seems like have not been taking care of like quite some time, there are unused stuff such as traffic cones and others on the terrace near the fence - of course i didn't take picture of these because don't want to ruin the lovely drama's image on my mind)

So after we chose our coffee and paid, we sat down.
(Coffee there is kinda pricey - around KRW7,000)

My friends


The canvas over the window is broken a bit.
Not to mention the canvas were also dirty, there were some soils too (maybe from the plants)
 - last week it was raining in Seoul so it's okay i kinda understand about this one.
My order - Mocha Java for KRW 8,000

Enjoying my coffee but then something not nice happened again from the waiter.
One of my friends finished her drink first.. The waiter came and took away her cup.
I was kinda shocked!! Even a small, has no name, cheap, etc coffee shop at street side won't do something like that ?

And then finally i finished my drink and another friend also finished hers.. But we were still talking to each others... and suddenly the waiter came again and took away all of our cups! Leaving nothing on our table! She took away all the napkins too!

I looked around quickly and i realized that the cafe is not even crowded... Still many empty tables! So it's not like she need to wash the cups quickly or have customer turnover ??!!
Even at another very crowded coffee shops, i've never had an experience like this.

So my friends and me started to leave the cafe. Took the last picture.
Btw, it is not allowed to go upstairs.

The painting is not the real mural shown in the drama. Instead, the paintings were on a thin paper.
Don't know why they need to cover the real mural.
So my impression to this Coffee Prince (the 1st shop) cafe is .... kinda not nice..

Was browsing and got some images from here.

See the unused stuff?
Picture Courtesy

Picture Courtesy


  1. omg that mocha java looks so good !

  2. yes the appearance's beautiful.
    i kinda like the taste too. but can't comment much about the taste because i am not a fan of coffee... ^^