Saturday, 29 October 2011

at last the real music in my heart can flow

and pumping it to other parts of my body..

I feel so alive!
I watched X Japan live in Seoul 2011 !!!

I am so happy!
It's been quite a time i didn't listen to this kind of music. How i miss it!!
At last the real music in my heart can flow!
X Japan's music is very.... great.. I enjoyed the live concert very very much...
X Japan is really a legend...

Yoshikitty bag !

People with standing tickets started to enter the building

It's full now !

Yoshiki !!!

So happy to get this pic of Sugizo. His smile and expression is similar to hide's smile when hide was performing Rusty Nail (The Last Live) around 3:47

Yoshiki in hanbok !!

We are X !!


  1. I'm just getting goosebumps by just looking at the pictures.. Can't wait to see them in Hong Kong! Hope to see you one day in their concert too!
    We are X!

  2. enjoy their concert in Hongkong this November !

    i am so happy i can see their concert! really wish that i can fly to anywhere to see their concert again, again, and again :D

    i hope i can see you too!! ^^

    WE ARE X !!!!!
    LOVE X JAPAN !!!!