Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sangju 상주

Sangju (상주) is the hometown of oppa's Dad.

We went there because it is almost Chuseok 추석 (Korean's thanksgiving day). They will go back to Indonesia before Chuseok.

Chuseok is the 2nd biggest holiday in Korea. It is very important because it is the custom for Korean to go back to their ancestors' hometown. Actually it is the festival of harvest. Usually people go back to hometown, gathering with big family members, visit their ancestors' tombs.

We arrived at Sangju and visited the area where most people there have the family name 장 (Jang/Chang).
So the first generation of oppa lives in Sangju..

Where they lived

Surrounding area
Then we visited the tombs' area.. Actually there are other ancestors' tombs but it's at other mountain (Sangju area too).. But we only visited oppa's grandparents' tomb. *Usually people pray for the 5 earlier generations*

This area has not many people because people at this area's mostly doing agriculture for a living. Younger generations don't really like to do farming.. So younger people go to big cities to work..

In front of grandparents' tombs

The tree behind was planted by oppa's grandma

I find the color combination of this picture is really beautiful..

View of Sangju.. very beautiful.

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