Monday, 26 September 2011

National Museum of Korea 국림중양박물관

Located at Yongsan which you can access by using subway Line #4 (take off at Ichon Station Exit #2, walk straight and you will see the museum on your left side).

Free admission to the Permanent Exhibition Hall, the Children's Museum and some Special Exhibitions ^^
For more information, please visit their website here.

I only visited the Permanent Exhibition Hall. It has 3 storeys.
1st floor is Prehistory and Ancient History Gallery + Medieval and Early Modern History Gallery.
2nd floor is Calligraphy and Painting Gallery + Donations Gallery (artifacts donated by indiviuals).
3rd floor is Sculpture and Crafts Gallery + Asia Gallery.

The museum is nice.. the order of the rooms are nice and very easy to know the flow, they also provide many seats, etc.

I like the calligraphy gallery the most because everything is very beautiful. Even though i can't read Chinese characters, but i can feel that it is really beautiful.. And the paintings too.. very simple, very clean, but very nice..

It is like a big window

Climbed the stairs, turned around and see a big window too.

Some cute kids are playing on the stairs. I used to play this kind of game too ! :D
Indoor Hallway
Take a rest while watching a video


One of the video rooms

Self timer ! :D

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