Monday, 12 September 2011

Namsangol Folk Village 남산굴한옥마을

Don't know what to do, so tried visiting Namsangol Hanok Village.

It is so easy to find, just go to Chungmuro subway station (line #3) and go to exit #3. Walk less than 5 minutes and you will see Namsangol Hanok Village.

Almost similar like yesterday's trip to Korean Folk Village, seeing Korean traditional houses.

Because it's Chuseok time, there are many activities to try..
Some of the pictures :
(the descriptions are using Korean Language.. so i also don't understand.. just guess lah.. haha)


Trying to throw the stick so it can go into the pot

That pillow with x x x sign is the dice. The white color one on the floor is the board.

coloring traditional mask


making something similar like flute




Hit the stone so it will keep on spinning

Making something (don't know the name) which they use for a game where they try to kicking it continously.

And these following pictures are beautiful because of the colors ..

Girls playing see-saw.. I read somewhere that girls used to play this game because they like to take a peek of outside the fence of their house. (Girls seldom go out)

This picture is my favorite.

There's a lesson about how to do the food layout for Chuseok too :

I myself tried 2 activites : experiencing (using) hanbok & made hanbok from paper (한지)

Using hanbok pictures won't be uploaded because i was very not lovable to see aka very ugly :P

Update 2011/09/25 : Went there again !

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