Sunday, 4 September 2011

my early days in korea

I went to Korea via Garuda Indonesia.
Went to Bali to transit first by GA and then later to Korea by GA (operated by Korean Air).

Some important notes :

* You must say that you will fly by Korean Air when you do check in at Jakarta (though the flight number in your ticket is GA). And then you must collect your luggage at Ngurah Rai Airport - Bali and then check in once again at Korean Air counter at Ngurah Rai Airport. I almost lost my luggage because GA's check in counter at Jakarta tell me that i can collect my luggage at Incheon Airport later. Luckily KE's staff are so helpful, they helped me contact GA's staff and i can do check in at Ngurah Rai Airport on time.

* Your luggage(s) must not be overweight. If overweight, 1 kg = USD 19 !

My breakfast at KE ^^ (they had rice too if you prefer rice rather than omelette)

I'm so in love with KE's uniform.. The color, the style, the cutting, everything is so pretty.

Blanket ^^
I am so happy i can travel by using KE.. i adore KE for such a longggg time... And after i experienced travelling by KE, i can say that KE's service is amazing. The stewardess all are so helpful and smile a lot (and so pretty as well). They check if you are asleep or not, if you are asleep, they will turn off the monitor which is in front of your face.. Going back and forth to bring you water.. etc. So recommended airline !

And then... after not well sleep (because i never had a 6 hours flight before), arrived at Incheon Airport !! Yipee! 도착했어요!

Took a bus to Seoul !

S-E-O-U-L !! You can see mountain !
I myself think Korea is really a unique country. There are many mountains here. So you can see mountains in the city ^^ It is modern, but it's traditional too ^^ If i need to compare to other countries, i will say that Korea is like Singapore + Hongkong + hmm... maybe China? (i've never been to China actually :P)

Like Singapore because everything is convenient and modern, architecture is very nice too.
Like Hongkong because the city style is a bit like Hongkong too, with many sign board everywhere (in hangeul of course >.< ) and most people can't speak other language than Korean T___T
Like China (?? assumption) because still has traditional style.

And here is my school, SNU .. ( i only took a few pictures, later will take more, okay..?)

in front of KLEC - where i will study..
Random view of the road in SNU. You can see Gwanak-san (Gwanak mountain).

I think that's all for today ^^

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