Friday, 16 September 2011

Korean grapes (포도)

is one of my favourite fruits..

The shape is very cute (i think).. *so weird to explain a fruit as cute, huh?*

It is different from the grapes i usually eat in Indonesia.

It is so packed and tight to each other while the one i eat in Indonesia seems a little more loose.

Watery because i just washed it.
The taste is very unique.. A little bit like jelly ^^

And it is very easy to eat too. It is so easy to separate the skin. Because you can make the inside pops out easily. Try to eat it and you will understand :D

Inside !
Yeah, so now i am enjoying Korean grapes (포도). Bought is just now for 5,000won.

Don't know the weight because i don't have weight meter with me lah :P

Nom nom~~

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