Sunday, 25 September 2011

Insadong 인사동

Dropped by Insadong !

Insadong is a street where we can find antique stuff, Korean culture stuff, souvenirs, etc.
There are many stores which sell hanbok, hanji (Korean paper), ceramics, etc.
There are also art exhibition, etc. So it is kinda nice to see around here ^^

There's a very creative man using cardboard to make himself as robot ^^
Can transform to a car as well !

Many Korean related souvenirs ^^ The colours are very beautiful..

Nice installation ~

Updated 2011-10-12 : Went to Insa-dong (again) & Tapgol Park
Updated 2011-10-13 : Went to Ssamziegil at Insa-dong
Updated 2011-10-14 : Went to Miss Lee Cafe at Insa-dong ( YongSeo's couple shooting place )

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