Thursday, 22 September 2011

Honey toast & hot choco

Went to Seoul Immigration Office on tuesday to apply for alien registration card. The office is located near Omokgyo subway station. I already submitted my documents and it took me less than 30 minutes to submit them !

As in my case (i have the Student D-4 Visa), what you need to bring along is :
- Original Certificate of Enrollment from your university
- Original Passport
- Picture (color) size 3cm x 4cm -> 1 pcs
- KRW 10,000
- Form -> they have the form there so you can fill the form on the spot

I was surprised after i submitted my documents, the officer asked me if i want them to send the alien registration card by mail. What a very nice service ! But i chose to pick it up by myself later ^^

I went to the office with my friend and after that we went around.. My friend need to buy some stationary which her friends asked her to buy. So we went to the stationary seller's office (they sell their products online and there are some resellers with offline stores).

Their office is so amazingly cute.. if only it is not an office, i will take the picture for sure. Their office is very comfy and it is more like a coffee shop. With white marble floor and white painted wall, the furnitures are all either in white color or wood. They have a backyard too. And the owner's very cute little 5 years old girl is playing there. There's a very fluffy and pretty cat too called 꾸꾸. The upper floor is the owner's home..

They designed stationary like notebook, sticker, card wallet, pencil case, etc. and do outsourcing to produce their designs and then they do the marketing.

I really really really wonder how people can make a living from designing stationary only.. Their products are not more than 30 items i think.. But the reality is.. they can ! (Korea is really popular for their stationary) And own a very beautiful house + office in a nice environment, everyday living in designing very cute stuff, surrounded by cute stuff, has a very cute daughter, etc. I feel like it's like a dream, man! Really, inside the office makes me feel like i was in a dream.

After being dreamy for quite a while, at last we spent our evening at Myeongdong. She introduced me to a very nice food - maybe its name is something like "honey toast" (next time when i eat it i will see what is the name in Korean).

We are in Angel-in-us Coffee !
They had that nice calling system too.

My friend is busy with her stuff ! ^^

Honey toast ! 
The honey toast is soooo delicious..
The toast has the honey inside. And it has cinnamon, caramel, and whipped cream on the top.
I really really like cinnamon smell. I think the smell of cinnamon is really "dreamy".
So that day seems very nice... very dreamy because of some dreamy experiences.

Enjoying honey toast and hot choco <3

A part of Myeongdong - picture taken from the window of coffee shop


  1. Hello!! Thanks for updating your blog. I'm heading to Seoul in about 2 weeks time and your blog has been my source for planning! :))

    I am wondering what the name of this stationery office shop is and how to get there?

    Thx in advance and love your blog! :))


  2. hi Ashley! Thank you for dropping by at my blog.

    About the stationary shop, i am so sorry i also don't know the address because i went there with my friend (it's my friend's business) ^^

    But you can find their products at Kyobo Bookstore too ^^

    Kyobo Bookstore has many nice stationary. If i am not mistaken, the biggest Kyobo Bookstore is at Gwanghwamun. You can visit there and find many many stationary there ^^ i also cannot get enough of stationary :P

    Btw, are you coming to Seoul for working or holiday?

  3. Ashley, btw.. i just remember i have ever bought their product, a sticker set. And i tried to find their name and i found the address!
    The name is AFROCAT.

    Here is their website:

    Please see contact us and you can see their address ^^

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