Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Experiencing Korean Street Food Stall

If you like to watch Korean drama, you must have seen the Korean street food stall a lot..

Last sunday i went to Namdaemun Market and Myeongdeong with my friends.. At the evening, the weather is getting colder... I think it was around 19 Celcius degree.. As we are from countries with kinda hot weather - my friends are from Thailand and I am from Indonesia - we feel that 19 Celcius degree is kinda cold already! :D

Being cold and hungry, we went arount to find some street food!
At last we found it around Namdaemun area ! Hooray! Thanks to my friend who is really awesome.

The ajumma is kind.. Seeing us being cold, she gave us a bowl of free soup ^^

It's our first time eating at Korean street food stall.... And confused seeing these :

Korean Street Food Stall's food
Er..... What to order ? How is it cooked ? 

So with our broken Korean language + body language, we tried to communicate with the ajumma.
We ordered odeng / fish cake 오뎅 , Pa Jeon 파전, and Bulgogi 볼고기. I've tried all of these before.. But eating at street stall feel nice.. haha.. especially because we were hungry and cold. All of the foods are so delicious! We spent KRW21,000 for the foods (KRW7,000 each person).

My friends and the ajumma

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