Monday, 19 September 2011

Dragon Hill Spa 드래곤힐스파

Dragon Hill Spa is said to be the best spa in Seoul.
When i had nothing to do on saturday, i decided to try it.

I am into Korean spa / sauna / jjimjilbang 찜질방 (though the first time was kinda challenging!)
The first time i tried Korean sauna is at Juwangsan Spa Hotel. When i entered the separated locker area where it is for woman only, i already saw naked women ! So challenging to be totally naked in the public for the very first time ! :D At the early minutes, i tried to cover my front body with towel.. Then after at the bathing area and saw many many naked women, started to think that this is kinda fun! Sight seeing ~~ Lol!!

And also i think it is nice because going to Korean sauna with your family or friends can improve your relationship. I really think so because you take a bath together, scrubbing each other, trying the interesting pools together (usually Korea sauna has some different pools such as green tea, cold water, ginseng, etc), eating eggs together, drinking milk and put some milk on your face & body together, etc.. It is so fun and after that you will feel so clean !
( since i tried Korean sauna, when i take usual daily bath, i feel not clean enough-.- )

Okay, now back to Dragon Hill Spa.. Went there on saturday so the admission fee is KRW12,000.
This place is really popular because i saw so many foreigners there. And i think this place is most popular among Japanese. Because when i arrived, the receptionist greet me in Japanese. And most of the staff there (even the ajummas who do body scrub can speak Japanese too - body scrub by the ajumma 세신 costs KRW25,000). You can have facial, massage, thread shaving, traditional ceramic cupping, nail art, and many more by paying certain amount of money. Oh, you don't need to bring your wallet everywhere, just keep everything in the locker because they will give you a "bracelet" where the data of your purchase will be stored inside and you will pay it at the exit later.

How to reach Dragon Hill Spa - go to Yongsan station or Sinyongsan station
Dragon Hill Spa is indeed a very large spa !
I spent like 6 hours there and still feel not enough ! If only i was not rushing to Banpo Bridge, i might want to stay there until night ! :D

So basically the wet area (bath and pools) is separated between men and women - because everyone is naked ! :D

And there are unisex rooms where the men and women wear the uniform which is baggy t-shirt and baggy shorts. At the unisex rooms you can have snacks, watching television, sleeping, reading books, etc.

I managed to take some pictures of the unisex rooms. I can't take many pictures because i don't want to take picture when there are many people in an area.. Afraid that it might be disturbing. So here are some pictures which i took !

Some heated rooms with pyramid style
Inside one of the rooms - meditative exercise room of yellow soil pyramid
The other one - inside pyramid spirit experience room of natural bijou
Took a picture of myself in the room! LOL! I made the lamb towel hat :D
Fire sweating room with pine tree firewood
Inside .. the picture is so blurry because the room is really really warm and can make you sweat soon!
I only take a picture and then go out of this room hahaha!
Ice room !
Inside the ice room
It is cold !
Hinoki Forest Room.
Some people are sleeping here.. I wanted to sleep too.. :D
PC 방 - PC room where you can play computer or play playstation !

They have arcade games area too !
Swimming Pool - should wear swimming suit here :D
The front door of the sleeping room for women only where i  finally slept here
I slept well until i woke up because i feel my arm is wet a bit aka saliva came out from my mouth! LOL!!

You can go back and forth between the wet (naked) area and the unisex area. Like me, i arrived at around 11 AM and i take a bath.. And then i went around the unisex area, slept, and go back to take a bath at around 4 PM.

I think Dragon Hill Spa is really recommended place ! I think coming here is a good getaway ! hihi.
And i think coming here with family and best friends and couples are fun!

I saw many families especially family with kids.. Feel so happy seeing cute kids running around. I think coming with family might be the most fun one especially with kids !

I saw some people with their friends too and they share stories while sauna-ing, bathing, etc.

I also see some couples, but i think it is only fun when the couples are at the unisex area lah, at the wet area might be not fun because noone to talk to except if you are coming with friends too.

So, if you haven't try Korean sauna, when will you try it? :D
And if you have ever try it, how is it ? (especially the first time part). LOL!


  1. hey, i'm gg there with my bf. only 2 of us. are there a lot of activities for both of us to enjoy?
    btw, wad are the places where u need to be naked, and wad are those tt we can be clothed?
    :) thanks

    1. Hi, Cherry!

      Where u need to be naked is the bathing area and u start to take off your clothes at women's locker room (the 2F and 3F floor)

      Other unisex rooms like at 1F, you can be clothed and be together with your boyfriend. You can enjoy the sauna, get something to eat (foods, snacks, or drinks), play games, computer, or just sleep on the floor like others ^^ Basically it is a place to rest.

      When i went there with my boyfriend and his friend, we spent around 4 hours there. I slept and my boyfriend had some quality time (chat) with his friend.
      But when i went to other similar sauna place with my girlfriends, we spent like 14 hours inside! lol... we bath together, scrub each other, talk, eat, sleep, etc.

      If you have never been to Korean sauna, i think you can give it a try! ;)
      Coz to be naked in public bath is kinda a fun (?) experience. LOL.