Friday, 23 September 2011

Friends from different countries

This wednesday i had a kinda unique experience.

It was started when my friend asked me if i want to eat pizza for lunch later. And we started to ask other classmates whether they also want to go with us. And it comes out some of them want to go together !

An unique experience because basically all of us speak our own languages in our countries.
English is not our first language so ... it is a little bit complicated and funny too ! :D

I don't know how to write their name in their languages so i only can write their name in Korean (pronunciation) :

어정 -- Hongkong -- she can speak Cantonese, Mandarin, & English very well. and Korean too (level 2)
아노진 -- Mongolian -- speak Mongol language, Mandarin & English
꺼이 -- Thailand -- speak Thai & English
타남폰 -- Thailand -- speak Thai & English & Japanese
시왕 -- Chinese (don't know which region, i can't remember :P) -- speak Mandarin & English
사이루 -- Taiwan -- speak Taiwan Hokkien language, Mandarin & English

I feel a bit lucky as an overseas Chinese (the 3rd generation in my family - my great grandparents came from mainland China - but i never have been to China T_T) because i can understand and speak Mandarin a bit even though i can't read or write the Chinese characters except my name. And even though my Mandarin level is like maybe a playgroup kids, it's good that at least i can do a bit.. hahahaha...

I admit that i ever learned Mandarin when i was like 13 years old but .. i don't like it because it is so hard T_T
But i will just blame it to the society when i was a kid where all about Chinese stuff is kinda disallowed. hahaha.. don't want to feel guilty. LOL. But anyway, it is true that Chinese stuff is kinda disallowed at that time.. *grrr*
If only i learned Mandarin from i was a toddler, i think i won't think learning Mandarin is hard...

China is really great now.. Mandarin is really the 2nd must learn language in this world (i think so).
And maybe later can be the most important language in the world (now is already so important too !). Many many many people speak Mandarin now..

Chinese people are everywhere. Even in my class only, there are 5 people from mainland China plus 이루 from Taiwan and total we got 6 people who speak Mandarin more fluent than English. There are 14 people in my class, so .. 6 out of 14 ... almost half of the class ! And it is "just" a Korean language class, man! How about in the world ? hmm..

*but this makes me think that i am right to learn Korean language.. Because Korean language is starting to be important too.. Even the Chinese learn Korean, right? And at other classes, there are many Japanese learn Korean too.*

And.. truly Chinese are really smart, smart, smart, and smart! Very diligent and hard workers ! I can see from my Chinese classmates that they really are so diligent and really study so hard ! I think they never almost fell asleep like me :P
That explains how they can improve a lot ! Now their currency is really strong too.

Left to right : 아정, 아노진, 꺼이, 타남폰, 시왕, 이루

We ate at Pizza School !


  1. even is a last year post =-= but i do really like this post ^^ as i also can speak well and write well in mandarin , wakakakakakaka!!

  2. @Sandy,

    hahahha... you know what, a friend of mine in who i met in Korea said that we people from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore is very smart ! Coz some of us can speak like several languages... Bahasa, English, Chinese, and more for some people... hehehhe..