Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Calling system in coffee shop

I went to a coffee shop around the building where i study - Fanco Coffee Shop.
I ordered hot milk. It doesn't matter what did i order because that's not what i want to talk about :P

I want to talk about their "calling system".

Usually at the coffee shop in Indonesia, after you ordered a drink, you will stand near the "pick up" area and wait for the barista finished making your drinks, right? If you don't wait around the pick up area, you won't know for sure if your drink is ready, and plus is it hard for the barista to call you too (they should shout out loudly).

This coffee shop has many customers. When it is break time, the queue will be quite long - took around min. 5 minutes to you to reach the cashier and place your order. But they don't have many barista which means it will take a few minutes for the barista to made your order.. So, i think their "calling system" is a smart idea to avoid people gathering around the "pick up" area and easier for the barista to call you.

I was given this thing after i placed an order :

Er... what is it ?
I took a sit while wondering how will i know that my drink is ready ... Will they shout out the number as shown on the thing ?

And then suddenly the thing goes vibrate ! I was holding it so i was shocked :D
Isn't it a smart idea? So for example, you ordered some drinks and some foods which will take let's say 5 minutes to make. While waiting, you can go to toilet first, or maybe you can go to your table and chat with your friends, etc.. And when your drinks and foods are ready, the barista will "call" you by vibrating the "thing". And then you can come and pick up your drinks and foods !

The video of it when it is calling you :

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