Sunday, 18 September 2011

Banpo Bridge 반포대교

I've been in love with Banpo Bridge for quite some time. Pictures of Banpo Bridge has ever be my phone wallpaper, PC wallpaper, and my BBM profile picture for quite a while.

Before i come to Korea, i already think that Banpo Bridge is a must see for me when i visit Korea.
Thought i hope that i will not come alone, but i went there alone today.. I don't want to miss the moment coz later i don't know if they will have the rainbow fountain show at winter.

This is the rainbow fountain schedule for the month of September and October 2011. Here.

18.00 show

I visited Banpo Bridge ! Yeay ! Self timer camera really help me a to take a picture :D

Photoshop-ed roughly :P
Evening :)
Night !
View of Seoul
My camera is not that nice for taking picture at night..
But here we go.. the pictures of Banpo Rainbow Fountain taken by pocket camera ! :D

Of course should take a picture of me even though the wind was blowing and made my hair looks messy :D

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