Thursday, 29 September 2011

Went to Myeongdong and had ice cream 명동에 가고 아이스크림을 먹었어요 ^^

A few days ago when the weather is nice - nor hot neither cold - I went to Myeongdong with my friends.
Looked around and had ice cream :D
This is the first time in Korea i buy an ice cream. Haha.

Seems interesting because it says something like this "30 cm tall soft ice cream".
So, we tried it for 1,500won each. My ice cream is green tea flavour (녹차 아이스크림).

꺼이 - 저 - 타남폰 who is busy taking pic with her iphone too :D

꺼이 - 아노진 - 타남폰

i like this pic ! taken by Tanumporn ^^

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Gwanghwamun 광화문 & Cheonggye Stream 청계천

It is a very very nice public place... Very nice place for you to be with your family, friends, couple, ... and it is very beautiful too even though you come alone (like me) :D

These are some of the places where this music video's filmed ^^

Went there on last Sunday..

On my way to the Gwanghwamun Square, saw some guards of the palace marching.. I think i just missed the Royal Guard-Changing Ceremony T__T
*That means i will go to Gwanghwamun again next time! hihi!*

The statue of Admiral Yi Sun Shin

The statue of King Sejong - 세종대왕

Yup, you are looking at hangeul ^^
Back there is Gwanghwamun which is the main gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace.
It is so nice to have a public place like this, isn't it?

Next... let's visit Cheonggye Stream !

Cheonggye Stream is a very long public park along the stream... It is more than 5km long !

The beginning of the stream is near Gwanghwamun Square (but you can start from any point of course..)
I went along the stream for like more than 1 hour but i think i only went through 1 km T_T
Anyway... this is a very must visit place in Seoul ^^

Haechi is welcoming you !
This is the beginning of Cheonggye Stream !

Wishing Well

my coin.. LOL! Took picture instead of wishing :P

There is gallery too !

And there are some street artists ^^

Some random pictures i took ..

Super cute ! I like this picture a lot !!

Like a drama scene... if only those 2 people are walking close to each other :P

Ah, so beautiful ! Will definitely come back to this place again ^^

Updated 2011-10-15 : Went to Gwanghwamun & Cheonggye Stream at evening

Monday, 26 September 2011

National Museum of Korea 국림중양박물관

Located at Yongsan which you can access by using subway Line #4 (take off at Ichon Station Exit #2, walk straight and you will see the museum on your left side).

Free admission to the Permanent Exhibition Hall, the Children's Museum and some Special Exhibitions ^^
For more information, please visit their website here.

I only visited the Permanent Exhibition Hall. It has 3 storeys.
1st floor is Prehistory and Ancient History Gallery + Medieval and Early Modern History Gallery.
2nd floor is Calligraphy and Painting Gallery + Donations Gallery (artifacts donated by indiviuals).
3rd floor is Sculpture and Crafts Gallery + Asia Gallery.

The museum is nice.. the order of the rooms are nice and very easy to know the flow, they also provide many seats, etc.

I like the calligraphy gallery the most because everything is very beautiful. Even though i can't read Chinese characters, but i can feel that it is really beautiful.. And the paintings too.. very simple, very clean, but very nice..

It is like a big window

Climbed the stairs, turned around and see a big window too.

Some cute kids are playing on the stairs. I used to play this kind of game too ! :D
Indoor Hallway
Take a rest while watching a video


One of the video rooms

Self timer ! :D

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Insadong 인사동

Dropped by Insadong !

Insadong is a street where we can find antique stuff, Korean culture stuff, souvenirs, etc.
There are many stores which sell hanbok, hanji (Korean paper), ceramics, etc.
There are also art exhibition, etc. So it is kinda nice to see around here ^^

There's a very creative man using cardboard to make himself as robot ^^
Can transform to a car as well !

Many Korean related souvenirs ^^ The colours are very beautiful..

Nice installation ~

Updated 2011-10-12 : Went to Insa-dong (again) & Tapgol Park
Updated 2011-10-13 : Went to Ssamziegil at Insa-dong
Updated 2011-10-14 : Went to Miss Lee Cafe at Insa-dong ( YongSeo's couple shooting place )