Friday, 12 August 2011

Service time: 4,5 hours length time & 9,5 hours length time

First, yesterday i went to apply my student D-4 Visa (Korea) !

The embassy is located at The Plaza, 30th floor at Thamrin Street ( it is connected to Plaza Indonesia).
This is the map.

I arrived at 10 AM and i got the 70th number. wew.. There are many people there because it's almost holiday time ^^ I was so afraid that they will not accept more applicants after 12. But luckily, they allow people who has queued (take the numbers) before 12. So, i submitted my documents at around 2.30PM. Now i only need to wait til August 22nd ^^

Okay.. then my topic is : 4,5 hours length time & 9,5 hours length time

The story is.. after i submitted my visa application, i know it is already 2.30 PM. But i still has other work to do at other place ( work stuff - this has nothing to do with visa application ). I'm guessing that usually people work from 9 to 5. Then, because this month is special month, some office has change their office hour from 9 to 4. So i guessed that i might still have time if i arrived at that other place at around 3 PM.

So i quickly went there. I arrived at around 3.15PM.

And.. i was shocked because the office has closed! It is closed at 3 PM because this month is special . . . . .

I asked the security about their office hour. For this special month, it is 9AM - 12, resting time, and start back to work at 1.30PM - 3 PM.

Can't do anything so i just went back to the parking lot... I still can't believe it and i randomly asked a person there (who looks like one of the employees there), and he confirmed that the office hour is until 3 PM only.

. . . . . Then i realized that their working time is 4,5 hours a day only. (9 - 12 and 1.30 - 3)

Still was thinking about the very short working time (it is a place for public, and it is a "service counter" where i need to submit my work stuff), i realize i still need to go to another place - service office - to get my boss' extended car license (STNK).

I started to feeling not sure whether i still have enough time to go get the STNK because i was disappointed already by the office which offer 4,5 hour service time. But when i called to the service office where i need to get the STNK, i am surprised when they tell that they are open until 6.30 PM !! I was truly happy and suddenly i feel the "service point" indeed !

When i was getting the STNK, i asked the employee once again about their office hour. It is 8AM to 6.30 PM (minus resting time 12-1 PM).. That means they offer 9,5 hour service time ! I really can feel which one offer "service" indeed.

Because i am happy with the 9,5 hour service time,  I think the best i can do is to spread the word of mouth about it.

I'd like to recommend you this place, it is a place where you can asked them to help you extend your car license (STNK) & driving license (SIM). It is "Biro Jasa CEPAT" which is located in Muara Karang Block Y-5 Barat No. 11, North Jakarta. Telephone : 021-660 4431 / 666 91902 / 661 2681.

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