Thursday, 18 August 2011

Medan kia will understand this for sure !

As i just went back to Medan (my hometown) last 2 weeks for 3 days 2 nights, i am still missing Medan like very very much ( i always miss Medan anyway :P ).. But i didn't take pictures T___T so regretting why i don't take pictures. I'm still not used to take pictures much (because i'm not photogenic, so mostly not satisfied with my pictures and that makes me lazy to take pictures of anything).

Okay, back to topic..

And then, suddenly i don't know how my sister know about this guy's video.... But the moment i see the video, omg... i like it lah ! Makes me miss Medan more !

Medan's skyline at 2009. But now still same lah, only add a few new high buildings.

Medan kia, cai hamiklai kan? :P

In the video, this guy talked about Medan's lifestyle using Hokkien. I personally think that he is really creative and the lyric represents Medan people a lot truly ! :D *I subscribed to his Youtube immediately*

He talked about place to go like Sun Plaza, Selat Panjang street, Brastagi (Batak sua).

At Bandar Baru viewing Brastagi (2009)

He talked about foods for sure - mainly about food because we Medan people love our Medan foods a lot a lot and proud of the foods , do you admit it ?! I admit it! Lol !!
He talked about foods which we Medan people like lah! Like Sate Padang, Ak Bihun, Kari Bihun, Kwetiau for sure, etc.

Sate Padang is my favorite food ^^ Everyone has own favorite sate padang loh.

Mine is Sate Padang Buyung outside my primary school's front gate.
But.. actually i like some other places too.. like Sate Padang Ajo, Triadi aka Bandar Baru, etc.

He talked about Medan people's habits like eating "wan than mee" (mie pangsit) as our breakfast *i really ate this wan than mee almost everyday for breakfast when i was in Medan*

He also talked about Medan people's wedding party style. Where we listened to people singing there, etc.

Watch the video by yourself !
The video is named "Medan Kia"

Because of his interesting "Medan Kia" song, i watched his other videos. I saw a very funny title and so i clicked it ! This one is super nice too ! The title is: "Sa Ku Ua, Kong Liau Chut Leng Kua".
*Lu pasti cai e la hamik "Sa Ku Ua" .. haha!*

So, in this video.. he talked about how he love someone and want to confess his love. haha! This guy really made my day ! I hope many Medan kia can miss Medan more by listening to his songs! :D

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