Monday, 15 August 2011

i love Singapore - Part 2 * i love my hair done by Jason Tay from Kimage *

Hi !

I want to write this entry for quite some time already but i didn't because lack of photos. But now i don't care lah, i want to write before i forgot to write about it.

This entry is still about i love Singapore, but this time is from my experience when i was having my hair done at Kimage which is located @ Funan DigitaLife Mall.

You can find the nearest Kimage around your area :

Kimage's business card

I personally chose to go to Funan one because... i only want my hair done by Jason Tay !

Those writing by pen is when i wrote Jason Tay's email because later i add his facebook :D
For me, a hairdresser is very important. I don't want to lose him ! LOL !

Wonder why i did my hair in Singapore? *i went there to see doctor lah, but i got free time at my last day there because i had an evening flight so i got nothing to do at noon*

And why do i choose Jason Tay?

This is when i met my sister at night to have dinner, she asked me to wait for her at Bugis MRT Station. Okay, so i went there and i thought i saw Yuri from SNSD !

my sister - "Yuri SNSD" :P

Real Yuri SNSD
My sister's hair was freaking awesome ! "Was" because now she changed her hairstyle already T_____T

I was so amazed by her hair and i asked her where did she curl her hair. Her hair is kinda like natural wave, not too curl but not loose too ! I like it really really much...

So she said that she went to Kimage at Funan which is one of kinda popular salon in Singapore. She said her hair is done by Jason Tay and the name of the curl is "airwave". She said something like this, "He is professional. Before he treat your hair, he asked you what kind of style do you like, he look at your hair's texture and condition, and then suggest you which hairstyle suits you the best. After you confirmed you want it then he will start doing your hair."

Hmm.. i like hairdresser who is care.
I think most hairdresser i have ever deal with are not that care.

For example, some only cut your hair without caring about your opinion, thus you'd feel sad after going out from the salon, and then you might tie your hair for quite some time.

Another example, some only cut or do your hair without examining your hair texture and condition. So, the result is... your hair looks good at the day you were out from the salon (because they blow dry your hair well lah). But, after you washed your hair, OMG how come your hair is so messy, is so hard to take care of, don't have the nice shape anymore, etc etc.

Okay.. back to the story.. Then my sister showed me the business card, and so i borrowed her laptop and browsed Kimage's website directly !

Kimage is a friend who understands who you are and tells you what's good for you.

Enough about it, so i went to Kimage directly when i have free time at my last day in Singapore.

Went there and asked the receptionist about Jason Tay. Ah luckily he is sitting at a sofa by my side !

I said to him that my sister's hair was done by him and her hair is so awesome, so can i get style like hers?
And i also said to him that i only have time until 4PM and asked whether i have enough time for perming my hair?

He calculated the time and he confirmed that i have enough time to perm my hair . yeay !

Then he examined my hair for quite some time, explained to me about my hair condition and my scalp condition (My scalp is too dry. Then he taught me to put conditioner on it sometimes only. Now i sometimes do it ^^ i got no dandruff now..).

He also explained to me how "airwave" is different from another type of perm, and then he suggest me where should the wave start so it will goes well with my face's shape, etc.

Really good impression..

Then he started doing my hair..

Here goes some things i like about Singapore.. (and Jason Tay of course) :

When Jason Tay was doing my hair, he explained everything which he did to me. What is he doing, why he is doing that, what kind of chemical is he using, what is the chemical for, what will he do next ...

He told me a lot... which i have forgotten mostly because i don't learn about hair lah... haha. I really appreciate people who do so loh! Coz you as the owner of your hair should know what is happening to your hair.. and person who'd like to tell you shows that the person is sincere lah.. ( i can say that i never met hairdresser who explained to me everything he/she did to my hair before )

I think in Singapore, people is quite sincere.. Because people there is also smart, they don't let people fool them. So, most people explain well so that people can know the truth and so that people don't think that they are fooling. When i was hospitalized in Singapore back at 2009, the doctor and nurse also explained really well about everything to me. (i will write about this next time).

So, i really really like Singapore because people there really tell you the truth ... (because if they don't, we can sue leh)

My hair done by Jason Tay ! But he doesn't want me to picture him >.<
(though it is him who taught me to take the step-by-step picture)

Btw, the "after" picture is not taken at that time.
At that time i was rushing to the airport already, i even forgot to take Jason's picture with my hair together !!!

Later after my hair was done, Jason taught me how to style it. He taught me how to make the wave become bigger, how to make the wave become smaller. He also taught me how to increase the hair volume look, how to clip the hair so that it looks so good from the back side, and more .. he taught me how to style for a nice dinner romantic hairstyle.. Woohoo... awesome hairdresser. Very nice service.

He asked me if i have any gel for styling. I said i don't have, so he suggested me to use this Sebastian Potion 9 Wearable Styling Treatment. So i use this Potion 9 now everytime after washing my hair. I like the product and i'll surely buy it after this one is finished.

Sebastian Potion 9 - Wearable Styling Treatment

While Jason was doing my hair, we talked about a lot of stuff. I said it's kinda nice to live in Singapore. He said it's kinda hard sometimes.. because people have a high expectation for almost everything and tends to complain for any stuff if they are not satisfied. But i think it is a great way to improve loh!
That's another one thing i like from Singapore ^^ Always improving (either it is because the people will complain when something feels not right or other reasons).

I was surprised when i paid for the hair treatment, i get the receipt where at the bottom there's writing meaning something like this (i forgot the exact words already. I regret i didn't take the picture!!!) : Your hair should be satisfying. Should you feel don't satisfy with our work, come back within xx days and get your hair done for free.
* i think it is 10 days, ahh i forgot..*  That is really awesome lah, really good service and very nice for improvement !

Also, one think i like from Singapore is... when they sell service, their charge is their service charge already. I like that system so much. Tips is not a custom in Singapore (although i did give a very small amount of tips *my almost last SGD* because i am so happy with the result and i am used to Indonesia's tips custom).

My sister in Singapore don't give tips, my auntie in Hongkong also don't give tips, and my Korean friends also don't give tips. And i prefer system like that actually. Why? Because custom of giving tips can cause people to be greedy.

These are some of my experiences in salons here in Indonesia (i don't like to go to salon because of these):
1. Many people working in salon expected tips. So, they will value person who give tips more. Big amount of tips, more value added.
2. My grandma who only give Rp 5,000 said that when she go to a salon where most people give Rp 20,000 as tips, people in the salon mostly ignore her. Most of the employees don't want to waste their time doing service for my grandma while they can do service for other people who will give more.
3. When i went to salon with my auntie, i am going to give Rp 5,000 tips when my auntie stopped me. She said it's better she give the tips (she usually give around Rp 15,000 or more) so that my Rp 5,000 tips won't be embarrassing.
4. When i was in a salon, i saw a girl just gave a tips to an employee. And soon after she turned her back and walk to the door, the employee look at the money she gave and tell her friends, then they talk about small amount of tips, etc. *i saw this scene from the mirror*
5. more... you can tell me your experience too !

And this is my hair after 2 months.. I still love my hair really really much ! So natural and so pretty wave !
I can't wait to go to Singapore next year and i'll find a time for me to have my hair done by Jason Tay again !

Picture is taken today
Jason Tay, i wrote about you! Because i am so satisfied with your work ! Keep improve, okay !!
Good luck and i'll see you next time for sure ! :)


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