Saturday, 13 August 2011

i am not a computer geek

It is kinda sad and laughable too when someone consider you as a computer geek..
(but you are actually not!)

I love my PC a lot ...
but even though i love my PC a lot, i don't know much of the RAM, Memory Card, VGA Card, etc.

my love - my very simple PC (even i don't have mousepad :P )
I know how to use internet, that's where i search and learn about some stuff.
Though i know how to use an internet,
but i don't know about internet connection, troubleshooting, programs, software, etc.

The same goes to other electronic stuff.

I know i've ever consider electrical engineering as my study major when i was at high school. (I even wrote electrical engineering as my 2nd alternative major when i applied to a university though my physics score is so damn bad). But actually i don't know much about electrical because i don't learn much about it.

I know i can turn on/off AC and set the temperature...
but i don't know much about the mode, fan system, etc.

I know how to turn on/off TV..
but i don't know how to find cable TV programs when we lost it, etc.

So, be careful if people consider you as a computer geek!
Because my family has been considering me as a computer geek for quite a time T_T

The thing is... when they consider you like that, they will consider you as a geek for other electronic stuff too! You will be the one they asked when they have problem with computer (for sure), handphone, camera, AC, TV, and more ! Isn't it sad (when you actually don't know what to do to solve the problem) so it's kinda laughable ?

When my family have problem with his computer, they will asked me to solve it. When i don't know how, i will just turn off the computer, plugged off the electricity, (and sometimes + a lil bit hit/kick on the pity computer) and turn it on back. Sometimes i am lucky so the computer get back to normal which increase the trust that i am a computer geek T_T

When they have problem with AC, they asked me how. I even don't know what is the problem, so i just randomly pressed all the buttons there. And when i am lucky, the AC works properly and my family think that i am so great at electronic stuff T___T

When they have problem with their handphone, they also asked me how... Duh! The thing is i myself don't play with my handphone that much, usually if i have problem, i will take the battery out for some times and put it back... or i tried searching at google how to solve the problem.

When they want to buy camera, they also asked me which one should they buy.. Even i myself at that time hasn't has my own pocket camera (only has camera phone), so how can i know? T_____T
And even though now i have a pocket camera, i only use auto mode :hammer: (that's why i don't want to buy too expensive or too great electronic stuff because i won't use all the mode - my camera is Canon Ixus 95IS and i already feel enough).

My pretty GREEN camera

When they have problem with their TV (usuallly cable TV because they like to watch Taiwanese programs), they asked me how. T___________T
i haven't watch TV for maybe .... 5 years ? er..... so how could i know? i only watch dvd and maybe it's like only 1-2 times a month? er..... so because they have high expectation on me, i tried to turn on/off the TV, the cable TV stuff, pressed every button on the remote control, etc. Luckily (am i lucky?) that sometimes it works! WOW... considering me as a computer geek, now can consider me having electronic magic hand lah! LOL!

Rarely untouched TV

Because Ipad is really booming, some members of my family has owned Ipad. And my grandpa who likes to learn about new gadget, he wanted it. So, one of my auntie bought him an electronic stuff looks similar to Ipad (made in China one, with Android software) called ePad and complete with its nice leather case.

Picture Source

Picture Source

So nowadays my duty is to teach my grandpa how to use Ipad eh ePad :P
But.. the thing is.... i myself never have any Ipad nor ePad .. and i never use Android software too.. So it's kinda tough for me (because actually i am not a computer geek). I saw there are installed MSN, Skype, and Dolphin Browser. I can teach those 3..

But when people asked me to download games for my grandpa, er... how to download, where to download? I still don't know leh... I even still don't know how to close some unclosed programs..

Then, this ePad has a built in camera. I think it's supposed to be a webcam too, isn't it? But when my grandpa tried to do video call, it can't work.. There's no "video call" button.. and when my auntie call us, she pressed video call there, but she can't see us. I also don't know why and i haven't search aka google about it yet...

Before i write this entry, my grandma just called me to teach my grandpa about ePad (again) T___T
Until now, i still can't teach more than how to use MSN, Skype, and Dolphin Browser... er...

Then, because my home wifi is has not strong enough signal until the 1st floor (the router is on the 2nd floor), the ePad's internet connection is not stable.. So my grandpa said to my auntie who bought this ePad for him about this.. and my auntie then came with a Huawei modem.

So.. it's my duty again to must know how to use this Huawei modem T________T

I never use any USB modem... and i really really don't know how to use it...

So, i prefer to call my home internet service whose service are great and the people are friendly - LimeNet to help me later.

Computer geek, be careful! You will be used by your surroundings to help them with their electronic stuff ! LOL!

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