Sunday, 21 August 2011

eating cha kwetiao in Europe

The title of this post is an exaggeration. Why?

Because today is Sunday and i was drinking my ginger tea after breakfast then my grandma asked me to cut some meat and peel off shrimp's skin (2 baskets of shrimp - 1 large basket and 1 small basket). She is making shrimp meatballs.

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She was cutting meat and she asked me to help her because she said her hand is sore already for cutting meat into very even shape and size for quite a time (she cut the meat into like 0.5cm x 0.5cm x 0.5cm size). I asked why she made herself unhappy? I know she is a quite perfectionist person , AB blood type, etc.

But i am a person who doesn't want to think too hard and too much for this small matter, and i am a B blood type person. So i just cut like i wish (very not even shape and size) of meat. I have 0.8cm x 0.5cm x 0.5cm size, 1cm x 0.5cm x 0.3cm, etc. She checked my work again and if it's too big, she will cut it more. -.-

I think, why make ourselves so hard on this very simple stuff? It will be combined with shrimp later and the shape will be not obvious at all. People can't see what is the shape clearly and no one bothers to see the shape. She defends herself by saying because the taste will be different if the size is too big or too small. Well, eating a piece of meatball take 5-10 seconds only... So no one really cares except either an amateur chef or professional chef lah i think... And i think 0.5cm to 0.8cm is not that different lah for this matter.

Then.. peeling shrimps (i think it's about 4kg).. I peeled like the way i wish.. Because i am not really happy doing this.. People will think,"ah it's okay lah.. helping family is okay lah.." Yup, it is okay, that's why i helped. But as i love my family, i also love myself, so i will do with my own method lah. hahaha.

I peeled shrimp by 3 steps:
- throw away the head
- peel the middle skin
- press the end of the shrimp (tail?) so the meat comes out by itself. hahaha!

Okay.. so why do i mention eating cha kwetiao in Europe? (exaggerated)
The matter is... my grandma (& grandpa) is so busy preparing foods because they are going to Singapore for vacation with some aunties, uncles, and kids for like 2 weeks..

What? Then why preparing foods?

That is exactly what am i thinking.. Why should prepare foods? Want to go for a vacation then eat foods there lah. Try foods there. If want to cook, then buy the vegetables, meat, fruits there lah.. Who knows the vegetables there might be more delicious?

They said that the vegetables there might be more expensive. Dang ! Er.... you are going for a vacation, right? if you already decided to go on a vacation, you knew you are going to spend some money... Going there already spend money..

It's like you are going to Europe, but you think that foods there are expensive. So you bring kwetiao and cook cha kwetiao to eat in Europe..(although you are on vacation)... -.-

Thinking that we were on gondola.. very beautiful evening..
The driver of the gondola was singing a song for us..

He was saying,"hey guys, when we pass through under the bridge, kiss ! People believe that if you kiss then you'll live happily ever after.."

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Then.. because it's dinner time, we're hungry.. then we realized we brought food with us, we ignore the driver of the gondola, and we take out our cha kwetiao and eating it while the gondola was passing under the bridge... Spreading the kwetiao smell while other couple is kissing, then they smell the kwetiao and they asked their partners "er... why do you have tauge smell?" Wahaha...

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So.. my grandparents are so busy now.. and it won't be end until the day they go to airport...

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