Friday, 26 August 2011

My D-4 (Student) Korea Visa is out !

Firstly, here's a picture with my D-4 visa !Hahaha...
It is my first visa... Never been to any country where needs me to apply visa.

My D-4 visa which is out on August 22, 2011 !
Since my nationality is Indonesia, so i'll explain my process of visa aplication in Bahasa Indonesia so hopefully it can be a useful information for others from Indonesia like me .. ^^

Setelah diterima oleh SNU dan sedang menunggu Certificate of Admission dari SNU, siapkanlah dokumen yang lain dulu ya. Kalau sudah datang, ayo cek sudah lengkap belum dokumennya?

Visa yang saya mohon adalah Visa Student (D-4) Single Entry yang berlaku untuk 6 bulan.

Berikut adalah daftar dokumen yang saya siapkan:

- Formulir Aplikasi Visa : download di sini

- Certificate of Admission : ini bukti bahwa kamu memang sekolah di sekolah tersebut.

- Surat Keterangan Kantor : berisi pernyataan atasan kita bahwa kita (nama, posisi, dan no paspor) memang bekerja di perusahaan tersebut dan berencana ke Korea untuk tujuan sekolah mulai dari bulan sekian sampai bulan sekian. Semua biaya selama kita di Korea akan ditanggung oleh kita sendiri. Dan perusahaan menjamin bahwa kita tidak akan mencari pekerjaan di Korea selama masa studi tersebut.

- Akta Kelahiran : fotocopy

- KTP : fotocopy

- Paspor : asli dan fotocopy

- Kartu Keluarga : fotocopy

- Foto berwarna 4 x 6 ( 2 lembar ) : yang ini sebenarnya agak rancu.. saya fotonya dengan latar belakang warna putih, dan ukuran foto yang saya serahkan adalah 3 x 4 (saya waktu itu bawa berbagai ukuran foto). Saya serahkan 3 x 4 karena ukurannya menurut saya paling cocok ukurannya untuk ditempel di formulir aplikasi visa :P

- Rekening koran bank selama 3 bulan terakhir (dilegalisir / stempel Bank tersebut) : karena yang membiayai studi saya adalah orangtua saya (pernyataan ini ditulis di form aplikasi visa), jadi rekening koran bank orang tua lah yang saya serahkan.

- Surat referensi bank : ini juga sama, bank tempat orang tua saya menabung itulah yang menerbitkan surat referensi.. Isi surat referensi menyatakan bahwa nasabah telah menjadi nasabah bank tersebut selama berapa tahun dan nilai tabungan nasabah saat surat referensi tersebut dibuat. Serta tujuan surat referensi bank tersebut dibuat adalah untuk aplikasi visa.

- Uang : untuk student visa (D-4) single entry seperti saya, biayanya Rp 450,000 (tanggal 11 Agustus 2011)

Kalau sudah lengkap semua, silahkan datang ke konsuler :
South Korea di The Plaza Tower Lt. 30, Jl. Thamrin Kav. 28-30 , Jakarta Pusat.
Ini gedungnya tepat di samping Plaza Indonesia (ada akses langsung ke Plaza Indonesia juga kok).

Jangan lupa, datangnya pagi ya. Senin - Jumat.
Ambil nomor antriannya hanya diterima dari jam 8.30 pagi - 12.00 siang.
Picture Courtesy

Waktu itu saya apply (11 Agustus 2011) sudah dekat liburan, jadi rameee banget. Jam 10 pagi saya tiba, saya dapat nomor 70. Saya berhasil masukkan aplikasi saya di jam 14.30. Nanti akan diberikan tanda terima.. Jangan lupa disimpan baik-baik ya ! Di tanda terima ada ditulis tanggal berapa kemungkinan visanya selesai diproses. Punya saya ditulis tgl 22 Agustus 2011.

Di tgl 22 Agustus 2011 sekitar jam 11 siang, saya telepon ke konsuler (62-21) 2992-3030 dan menanyakan apakah visa saya sudah jadi (sebutkan nomor aplikasi visa yang tertera di tanda terima kamu). Bila sudah jadi, maka sudah bisa diambil :)

Waktu pengambilan Senin-Jumat, mulai jam14:00 sampai jam berapa saya lupa :P
Jangan lupa bawa tanda terima kamu ya :)

Good luck !

Update 2011-10-11 : Bila ingin tinggal di Korsel lebih dari 90 hari, jangan lupa daftarkan diri ke Korea Immigration Service setelah tiba di Korea ! Daftarkan diri dalam kurun 90 hari ^^
My Alien Registration Card (D-4).

Sunday, 21 August 2011

eating cha kwetiao in Europe

The title of this post is an exaggeration. Why?

Because today is Sunday and i was drinking my ginger tea after breakfast then my grandma asked me to cut some meat and peel off shrimp's skin (2 baskets of shrimp - 1 large basket and 1 small basket). She is making shrimp meatballs.

Picture Courtesy

She was cutting meat and she asked me to help her because she said her hand is sore already for cutting meat into very even shape and size for quite a time (she cut the meat into like 0.5cm x 0.5cm x 0.5cm size). I asked why she made herself unhappy? I know she is a quite perfectionist person , AB blood type, etc.

But i am a person who doesn't want to think too hard and too much for this small matter, and i am a B blood type person. So i just cut like i wish (very not even shape and size) of meat. I have 0.8cm x 0.5cm x 0.5cm size, 1cm x 0.5cm x 0.3cm, etc. She checked my work again and if it's too big, she will cut it more. -.-

I think, why make ourselves so hard on this very simple stuff? It will be combined with shrimp later and the shape will be not obvious at all. People can't see what is the shape clearly and no one bothers to see the shape. She defends herself by saying because the taste will be different if the size is too big or too small. Well, eating a piece of meatball take 5-10 seconds only... So no one really cares except either an amateur chef or professional chef lah i think... And i think 0.5cm to 0.8cm is not that different lah for this matter.

Then.. peeling shrimps (i think it's about 4kg).. I peeled like the way i wish.. Because i am not really happy doing this.. People will think,"ah it's okay lah.. helping family is okay lah.." Yup, it is okay, that's why i helped. But as i love my family, i also love myself, so i will do with my own method lah. hahaha.

I peeled shrimp by 3 steps:
- throw away the head
- peel the middle skin
- press the end of the shrimp (tail?) so the meat comes out by itself. hahaha!

Okay.. so why do i mention eating cha kwetiao in Europe? (exaggerated)
The matter is... my grandma (& grandpa) is so busy preparing foods because they are going to Singapore for vacation with some aunties, uncles, and kids for like 2 weeks..

What? Then why preparing foods?

That is exactly what am i thinking.. Why should prepare foods? Want to go for a vacation then eat foods there lah. Try foods there. If want to cook, then buy the vegetables, meat, fruits there lah.. Who knows the vegetables there might be more delicious?

They said that the vegetables there might be more expensive. Dang ! Er.... you are going for a vacation, right? if you already decided to go on a vacation, you knew you are going to spend some money... Going there already spend money..

It's like you are going to Europe, but you think that foods there are expensive. So you bring kwetiao and cook cha kwetiao to eat in Europe..(although you are on vacation)... -.-

Thinking that we were on gondola.. very beautiful evening..
The driver of the gondola was singing a song for us..

He was saying,"hey guys, when we pass through under the bridge, kiss ! People believe that if you kiss then you'll live happily ever after.."

Picture Courtesy

Then.. because it's dinner time, we're hungry.. then we realized we brought food with us, we ignore the driver of the gondola, and we take out our cha kwetiao and eating it while the gondola was passing under the bridge... Spreading the kwetiao smell while other couple is kissing, then they smell the kwetiao and they asked their partners "er... why do you have tauge smell?" Wahaha...

Picture Courtesy

So.. my grandparents are so busy now.. and it won't be end until the day they go to airport...

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Medan kia will understand this for sure !

As i just went back to Medan (my hometown) last 2 weeks for 3 days 2 nights, i am still missing Medan like very very much ( i always miss Medan anyway :P ).. But i didn't take pictures T___T so regretting why i don't take pictures. I'm still not used to take pictures much (because i'm not photogenic, so mostly not satisfied with my pictures and that makes me lazy to take pictures of anything).

Okay, back to topic..

And then, suddenly i don't know how my sister know about this guy's video.... But the moment i see the video, omg... i like it lah ! Makes me miss Medan more !

Medan's skyline at 2009. But now still same lah, only add a few new high buildings.

Medan kia, cai hamiklai kan? :P

In the video, this guy talked about Medan's lifestyle using Hokkien. I personally think that he is really creative and the lyric represents Medan people a lot truly ! :D *I subscribed to his Youtube immediately*

He talked about place to go like Sun Plaza, Selat Panjang street, Brastagi (Batak sua).

At Bandar Baru viewing Brastagi (2009)

He talked about foods for sure - mainly about food because we Medan people love our Medan foods a lot a lot and proud of the foods , do you admit it ?! I admit it! Lol !!
He talked about foods which we Medan people like lah! Like Sate Padang, Ak Bihun, Kari Bihun, Kwetiau for sure, etc.

Sate Padang is my favorite food ^^ Everyone has own favorite sate padang loh.

Mine is Sate Padang Buyung outside my primary school's front gate.
But.. actually i like some other places too.. like Sate Padang Ajo, Triadi aka Bandar Baru, etc.

He talked about Medan people's habits like eating "wan than mee" (mie pangsit) as our breakfast *i really ate this wan than mee almost everyday for breakfast when i was in Medan*

He also talked about Medan people's wedding party style. Where we listened to people singing there, etc.

Watch the video by yourself !
The video is named "Medan Kia"

Because of his interesting "Medan Kia" song, i watched his other videos. I saw a very funny title and so i clicked it ! This one is super nice too ! The title is: "Sa Ku Ua, Kong Liau Chut Leng Kua".
*Lu pasti cai e la hamik "Sa Ku Ua" .. haha!*

So, in this video.. he talked about how he love someone and want to confess his love. haha! This guy really made my day ! I hope many Medan kia can miss Medan more by listening to his songs! :D

Monday, 15 August 2011

i love Singapore - Part 2 * i love my hair done by Jason Tay from Kimage *

Hi !

I want to write this entry for quite some time already but i didn't because lack of photos. But now i don't care lah, i want to write before i forgot to write about it.

This entry is still about i love Singapore, but this time is from my experience when i was having my hair done at Kimage which is located @ Funan DigitaLife Mall.

You can find the nearest Kimage around your area :

Kimage's business card

I personally chose to go to Funan one because... i only want my hair done by Jason Tay !

Those writing by pen is when i wrote Jason Tay's email because later i add his facebook :D
For me, a hairdresser is very important. I don't want to lose him ! LOL !

Wonder why i did my hair in Singapore? *i went there to see doctor lah, but i got free time at my last day there because i had an evening flight so i got nothing to do at noon*

And why do i choose Jason Tay?

This is when i met my sister at night to have dinner, she asked me to wait for her at Bugis MRT Station. Okay, so i went there and i thought i saw Yuri from SNSD !

my sister - "Yuri SNSD" :P

Real Yuri SNSD
My sister's hair was freaking awesome ! "Was" because now she changed her hairstyle already T_____T

I was so amazed by her hair and i asked her where did she curl her hair. Her hair is kinda like natural wave, not too curl but not loose too ! I like it really really much...

So she said that she went to Kimage at Funan which is one of kinda popular salon in Singapore. She said her hair is done by Jason Tay and the name of the curl is "airwave". She said something like this, "He is professional. Before he treat your hair, he asked you what kind of style do you like, he look at your hair's texture and condition, and then suggest you which hairstyle suits you the best. After you confirmed you want it then he will start doing your hair."

Hmm.. i like hairdresser who is care.
I think most hairdresser i have ever deal with are not that care.

For example, some only cut your hair without caring about your opinion, thus you'd feel sad after going out from the salon, and then you might tie your hair for quite some time.

Another example, some only cut or do your hair without examining your hair texture and condition. So, the result is... your hair looks good at the day you were out from the salon (because they blow dry your hair well lah). But, after you washed your hair, OMG how come your hair is so messy, is so hard to take care of, don't have the nice shape anymore, etc etc.

Okay.. back to the story.. Then my sister showed me the business card, and so i borrowed her laptop and browsed Kimage's website directly !

Kimage is a friend who understands who you are and tells you what's good for you.

Enough about it, so i went to Kimage directly when i have free time at my last day in Singapore.

Went there and asked the receptionist about Jason Tay. Ah luckily he is sitting at a sofa by my side !

I said to him that my sister's hair was done by him and her hair is so awesome, so can i get style like hers?
And i also said to him that i only have time until 4PM and asked whether i have enough time for perming my hair?

He calculated the time and he confirmed that i have enough time to perm my hair . yeay !

Then he examined my hair for quite some time, explained to me about my hair condition and my scalp condition (My scalp is too dry. Then he taught me to put conditioner on it sometimes only. Now i sometimes do it ^^ i got no dandruff now..).

He also explained to me how "airwave" is different from another type of perm, and then he suggest me where should the wave start so it will goes well with my face's shape, etc.

Really good impression..

Then he started doing my hair..

Here goes some things i like about Singapore.. (and Jason Tay of course) :

When Jason Tay was doing my hair, he explained everything which he did to me. What is he doing, why he is doing that, what kind of chemical is he using, what is the chemical for, what will he do next ...

He told me a lot... which i have forgotten mostly because i don't learn about hair lah... haha. I really appreciate people who do so loh! Coz you as the owner of your hair should know what is happening to your hair.. and person who'd like to tell you shows that the person is sincere lah.. ( i can say that i never met hairdresser who explained to me everything he/she did to my hair before )

I think in Singapore, people is quite sincere.. Because people there is also smart, they don't let people fool them. So, most people explain well so that people can know the truth and so that people don't think that they are fooling. When i was hospitalized in Singapore back at 2009, the doctor and nurse also explained really well about everything to me. (i will write about this next time).

So, i really really like Singapore because people there really tell you the truth ... (because if they don't, we can sue leh)

My hair done by Jason Tay ! But he doesn't want me to picture him >.<
(though it is him who taught me to take the step-by-step picture)

Btw, the "after" picture is not taken at that time.
At that time i was rushing to the airport already, i even forgot to take Jason's picture with my hair together !!!

Later after my hair was done, Jason taught me how to style it. He taught me how to make the wave become bigger, how to make the wave become smaller. He also taught me how to increase the hair volume look, how to clip the hair so that it looks so good from the back side, and more .. he taught me how to style for a nice dinner romantic hairstyle.. Woohoo... awesome hairdresser. Very nice service.

He asked me if i have any gel for styling. I said i don't have, so he suggested me to use this Sebastian Potion 9 Wearable Styling Treatment. So i use this Potion 9 now everytime after washing my hair. I like the product and i'll surely buy it after this one is finished.

Sebastian Potion 9 - Wearable Styling Treatment

While Jason was doing my hair, we talked about a lot of stuff. I said it's kinda nice to live in Singapore. He said it's kinda hard sometimes.. because people have a high expectation for almost everything and tends to complain for any stuff if they are not satisfied. But i think it is a great way to improve loh!
That's another one thing i like from Singapore ^^ Always improving (either it is because the people will complain when something feels not right or other reasons).

I was surprised when i paid for the hair treatment, i get the receipt where at the bottom there's writing meaning something like this (i forgot the exact words already. I regret i didn't take the picture!!!) : Your hair should be satisfying. Should you feel don't satisfy with our work, come back within xx days and get your hair done for free.
* i think it is 10 days, ahh i forgot..*  That is really awesome lah, really good service and very nice for improvement !

Also, one think i like from Singapore is... when they sell service, their charge is their service charge already. I like that system so much. Tips is not a custom in Singapore (although i did give a very small amount of tips *my almost last SGD* because i am so happy with the result and i am used to Indonesia's tips custom).

My sister in Singapore don't give tips, my auntie in Hongkong also don't give tips, and my Korean friends also don't give tips. And i prefer system like that actually. Why? Because custom of giving tips can cause people to be greedy.

These are some of my experiences in salons here in Indonesia (i don't like to go to salon because of these):
1. Many people working in salon expected tips. So, they will value person who give tips more. Big amount of tips, more value added.
2. My grandma who only give Rp 5,000 said that when she go to a salon where most people give Rp 20,000 as tips, people in the salon mostly ignore her. Most of the employees don't want to waste their time doing service for my grandma while they can do service for other people who will give more.
3. When i went to salon with my auntie, i am going to give Rp 5,000 tips when my auntie stopped me. She said it's better she give the tips (she usually give around Rp 15,000 or more) so that my Rp 5,000 tips won't be embarrassing.
4. When i was in a salon, i saw a girl just gave a tips to an employee. And soon after she turned her back and walk to the door, the employee look at the money she gave and tell her friends, then they talk about small amount of tips, etc. *i saw this scene from the mirror*
5. more... you can tell me your experience too !

And this is my hair after 2 months.. I still love my hair really really much ! So natural and so pretty wave !
I can't wait to go to Singapore next year and i'll find a time for me to have my hair done by Jason Tay again !

Picture is taken today
Jason Tay, i wrote about you! Because i am so satisfied with your work ! Keep improve, okay !!
Good luck and i'll see you next time for sure ! :)

Saturday, 13 August 2011

i am not a computer geek

It is kinda sad and laughable too when someone consider you as a computer geek..
(but you are actually not!)

I love my PC a lot ...
but even though i love my PC a lot, i don't know much of the RAM, Memory Card, VGA Card, etc.

my love - my very simple PC (even i don't have mousepad :P )
I know how to use internet, that's where i search and learn about some stuff.
Though i know how to use an internet,
but i don't know about internet connection, troubleshooting, programs, software, etc.

The same goes to other electronic stuff.

I know i've ever consider electrical engineering as my study major when i was at high school. (I even wrote electrical engineering as my 2nd alternative major when i applied to a university though my physics score is so damn bad). But actually i don't know much about electrical because i don't learn much about it.

I know i can turn on/off AC and set the temperature...
but i don't know much about the mode, fan system, etc.

I know how to turn on/off TV..
but i don't know how to find cable TV programs when we lost it, etc.

So, be careful if people consider you as a computer geek!
Because my family has been considering me as a computer geek for quite a time T_T

The thing is... when they consider you like that, they will consider you as a geek for other electronic stuff too! You will be the one they asked when they have problem with computer (for sure), handphone, camera, AC, TV, and more ! Isn't it sad (when you actually don't know what to do to solve the problem) so it's kinda laughable ?

When my family have problem with his computer, they will asked me to solve it. When i don't know how, i will just turn off the computer, plugged off the electricity, (and sometimes + a lil bit hit/kick on the pity computer) and turn it on back. Sometimes i am lucky so the computer get back to normal which increase the trust that i am a computer geek T_T

When they have problem with AC, they asked me how. I even don't know what is the problem, so i just randomly pressed all the buttons there. And when i am lucky, the AC works properly and my family think that i am so great at electronic stuff T___T

When they have problem with their handphone, they also asked me how... Duh! The thing is i myself don't play with my handphone that much, usually if i have problem, i will take the battery out for some times and put it back... or i tried searching at google how to solve the problem.

When they want to buy camera, they also asked me which one should they buy.. Even i myself at that time hasn't has my own pocket camera (only has camera phone), so how can i know? T_____T
And even though now i have a pocket camera, i only use auto mode :hammer: (that's why i don't want to buy too expensive or too great electronic stuff because i won't use all the mode - my camera is Canon Ixus 95IS and i already feel enough).

My pretty GREEN camera

When they have problem with their TV (usuallly cable TV because they like to watch Taiwanese programs), they asked me how. T___________T
i haven't watch TV for maybe .... 5 years ? er..... so how could i know? i only watch dvd and maybe it's like only 1-2 times a month? er..... so because they have high expectation on me, i tried to turn on/off the TV, the cable TV stuff, pressed every button on the remote control, etc. Luckily (am i lucky?) that sometimes it works! WOW... considering me as a computer geek, now can consider me having electronic magic hand lah! LOL!

Rarely untouched TV

Because Ipad is really booming, some members of my family has owned Ipad. And my grandpa who likes to learn about new gadget, he wanted it. So, one of my auntie bought him an electronic stuff looks similar to Ipad (made in China one, with Android software) called ePad and complete with its nice leather case.

Picture Source

Picture Source

So nowadays my duty is to teach my grandpa how to use Ipad eh ePad :P
But.. the thing is.... i myself never have any Ipad nor ePad .. and i never use Android software too.. So it's kinda tough for me (because actually i am not a computer geek). I saw there are installed MSN, Skype, and Dolphin Browser. I can teach those 3..

But when people asked me to download games for my grandpa, er... how to download, where to download? I still don't know leh... I even still don't know how to close some unclosed programs..

Then, this ePad has a built in camera. I think it's supposed to be a webcam too, isn't it? But when my grandpa tried to do video call, it can't work.. There's no "video call" button.. and when my auntie call us, she pressed video call there, but she can't see us. I also don't know why and i haven't search aka google about it yet...

Before i write this entry, my grandma just called me to teach my grandpa about ePad (again) T___T
Until now, i still can't teach more than how to use MSN, Skype, and Dolphin Browser... er...

Then, because my home wifi is has not strong enough signal until the 1st floor (the router is on the 2nd floor), the ePad's internet connection is not stable.. So my grandpa said to my auntie who bought this ePad for him about this.. and my auntie then came with a Huawei modem.

So.. it's my duty again to must know how to use this Huawei modem T________T

I never use any USB modem... and i really really don't know how to use it...

So, i prefer to call my home internet service whose service are great and the people are friendly - LimeNet to help me later.

Computer geek, be careful! You will be used by your surroundings to help them with their electronic stuff ! LOL!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Service time: 4,5 hours length time & 9,5 hours length time

First, yesterday i went to apply my student D-4 Visa (Korea) !

The embassy is located at The Plaza, 30th floor at Thamrin Street ( it is connected to Plaza Indonesia).
This is the map.

I arrived at 10 AM and i got the 70th number. wew.. There are many people there because it's almost holiday time ^^ I was so afraid that they will not accept more applicants after 12. But luckily, they allow people who has queued (take the numbers) before 12. So, i submitted my documents at around 2.30PM. Now i only need to wait til August 22nd ^^

Okay.. then my topic is : 4,5 hours length time & 9,5 hours length time

The story is.. after i submitted my visa application, i know it is already 2.30 PM. But i still has other work to do at other place ( work stuff - this has nothing to do with visa application ). I'm guessing that usually people work from 9 to 5. Then, because this month is special month, some office has change their office hour from 9 to 4. So i guessed that i might still have time if i arrived at that other place at around 3 PM.

So i quickly went there. I arrived at around 3.15PM.

And.. i was shocked because the office has closed! It is closed at 3 PM because this month is special . . . . .

I asked the security about their office hour. For this special month, it is 9AM - 12, resting time, and start back to work at 1.30PM - 3 PM.

Can't do anything so i just went back to the parking lot... I still can't believe it and i randomly asked a person there (who looks like one of the employees there), and he confirmed that the office hour is until 3 PM only.

. . . . . Then i realized that their working time is 4,5 hours a day only. (9 - 12 and 1.30 - 3)

Still was thinking about the very short working time (it is a place for public, and it is a "service counter" where i need to submit my work stuff), i realize i still need to go to another place - service office - to get my boss' extended car license (STNK).

I started to feeling not sure whether i still have enough time to go get the STNK because i was disappointed already by the office which offer 4,5 hour service time. But when i called to the service office where i need to get the STNK, i am surprised when they tell that they are open until 6.30 PM !! I was truly happy and suddenly i feel the "service point" indeed !

When i was getting the STNK, i asked the employee once again about their office hour. It is 8AM to 6.30 PM (minus resting time 12-1 PM).. That means they offer 9,5 hour service time ! I really can feel which one offer "service" indeed.

Because i am happy with the 9,5 hour service time,  I think the best i can do is to spread the word of mouth about it.

I'd like to recommend you this place, it is a place where you can asked them to help you extend your car license (STNK) & driving license (SIM). It is "Biro Jasa CEPAT" which is located in Muara Karang Block Y-5 Barat No. 11, North Jakarta. Telephone : 021-660 4431 / 666 91902 / 661 2681.