Sunday, 17 July 2011

I'm going to SNU leh!

As how much i can't believe that this is reality and TRUE, and as how much i'm feeling grateful because i am that lucky....


i'm going to SNU , man!! hahaha....
*super big grin, even showing gums feels okay too.. *

which means that i'm going to Korea lah!

The world seems like this to me.. nyahaha..
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Though i am not taking a special course which will make me have another title behind my name in SNU.. but i'm still so happy loh.. will only take Korean Language Course.. don't know will stay how long there, but i want to stay minimum 2 level (around 6 months).

These are what make me happy:

- i'm going to Korea! hahaha.. It's one of my dream destinations .. *i feel like now i'm not just saying "i want..." when i saw or heard other people go there..*
 and still wishing to go to UK one day :P

- regarding to previous reason, that means i'm going to experience new culture and see more stuff! ahh. i feel like my life is really like a dream ~

- i can live abroad for a while! usually when i was playing facebook and see other friends who are lucky to study abroad.. what i can do was just only saying "ane song e... ane song e..." (meaning: really nice... really nice...) but now... i can too!

- romantic one: at last i will see "Fall" and "Winter" *teary eyes*.... hahaha... i've never experience other season as i live in a tropical country... 

i myself confirm that i like Fall season the most while i never experience any Fall season..... :hammer: 
i just think Fall season is the prettiest because i saw the Aaron Carter's - I'm All About You music video where there are so many brown leaves on the ground :bighammer:

i never see snow too... even i was so happy when i saw FAKE SNOW in Hongkong Disneyland. hahaha... TOO HAPPY until i was showing almost my 32 pcs of teeth loh! can't imagine when i will see the real snow. but i bet i won't like the cold weather T_T

- SNU is top 50 universities in the world (#50) and #6 in Asia.

I remember when i was in high school the last year, one of my classmates asked me where do i want to continue my study. At that time i answered something like this, "Actually i really really wanted to study at a good university, somewhere like Oxford University loh.. but i think i'll continue to study in Jakarta."

And then, i saw her facebook, (she also wanted to study in UK, and she does study in UK!) she continued to Cambridge... and currently she is studying in Oxford. Everytime when i remember her, i remember that i only said "i want .. i want..." loh! But no action , right? Only said "want", who will grant it ah except your parents can afford? So.. simply regretting how i am not taking any action and can only said "want" and say "nice" when seeing her facebook later.

So.. now i'm happy i am going to go to good university lah! :D

Source: Top Universities 2010 
Source: Top Universities 2010

- when i seeing and envying some of my friends (girl) who is so lucky because they are still having fun by studying (learning and enjoying what they want to do) at this time.. but eh.. now i'm going to be one of them! omg i'm so truly happy, man!

Maybe you are going to ask: do you get scholarship?

Answer is: i am not that smart and still not lucky enough to find scholarship at the timing... but hey at least now i do any action, right? it's better that saying "i want" loh!

actually.. i was saying "i want" for quite some months ..
but then it's Chang Dae Young oppa who supports me loh. Maybe he is tired to listen i said "i want" only loh. Then he said, "apply first, talk later". If he didn't say that, maybe until now i still doing no action lah.

Luckily when i told my parents, surprisingly they said it's okay too. It's so surprising loh! i think my parents have changed a lot. From very conservative but now really can be friends liao lah. So i feel really grateful to have a very supportive mom n dad <3

So i tried to apply to 2 universities which he said is good: Yonsei University & SNU.
I sincerely wrote my Statement of Purpose for applying to those universities. I know i don't want to be so rigid and write formal Statement of Purpose because i want to be myself. If i can get in, then it's for me. If i can't then it's not. So i wrote a fun one - and really true from my heart! haha! If you read it, you might be surprised, a quite fun letter for formal purpose le!

Yonsei's application period is still quite long. So that means i applied early. * 2 days later i got the acceptance email ^^ *

While SNU's application period is almost end already. I applied in a hurry and send my application fee in a hurry. I did send full amount loh, i paid for the corresponding bank charge fee, but don't know why SNU get less 8,940won! And it's the very last day of the application period when i knew about it! So oppa asked his friend in Korea called 박종현 to help me pay for the 8,940 won at 2PM (Korea time) at the very last day of the application period ! :hammer: 

감사합니다, 박종현씨.

And the announcement day ! I checked the SNU's website like more than 10 times waiting lah! And...

Then i was in the "Yonsei or SNU" state lah.. At last i decided to join SNU ^^

So.. i'm going to SNU 



hopefully the other process (visa, etc) won't be too hard!

<3 <3 <3 *dreamy*


  1. cicii.. test buat SNU ny scr online?

    1. 안녕하세요? 신유라 씨.

      Test masuk SNU itu via online. Silahkan ikutin saja step by step sesuai yang di website SNU.

      Kalau placement test (test lihat kita masuk level berapa buat yang pernah belajar bahasa Korea), itu tes di SNU langsung.

      Semoga membantu info dari saya :)

  2. wah, keren bisa masuk SNU :D
    klo yg belom pernah belajar bhs korea berarti test online juga bisa dong.
    kakak ambil jurusan apa?

    1. Halo..
      Saya waktu itu cuma ambil kelas bahasa :D
      Jadi semacam les doang sih sebenarnya hehehe..