Thursday, 26 May 2011

Wasted blog

i think my blog is so wasted T_T

i seldom update it.

i don't know why.. since i don't update my xanga anymore and choose to create new blogS (yes.. with "S".. kk.. i tried to create some blogs.. but none of them is everlasting .. huhu). And that xanga time, i can update regularly and i am so in love with blogging. Now i still really love to read blogs (i read blogs every single day), but i don't write mine T_T

at xanga time, any little things can make me write. but now... wew.... lost in my boring life? kk.

i'll try to gain back my passion for writing. can i? haha..

now my current desktop wallpaper is one of my all time favorite girls ^^


Then.. for now.. i am so waiting for ...

1. one of my favourite movies

Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides

There's Keira Knightley - one of my all time favorite girls as well :D
(updated June 19: i heard that there's no Keira Knightley in this episode. T_T but it's okay coz there's Penelope Cruz :D )

2. i have several wishlists.. hahaha.. 

i think that's all for now :)

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