Tuesday, 17 May 2011

a relaxing day

Today is holiday because it's Vesakh Day !

I went out to Mu Gung Hwa and bought 갯잎.
It is one of my favorite Korean foods. It almost defeats my love for 김. ㅋㅋ
But i don't really like raw 갯잎 so 김 is still on the 1st place. ㅋㅋ

I had 갯잎 for the 1st time at Ham Ji Bak restaurant 함지박 한국 식당.
Order the 삼밥 and you'll get 갯잎. Roll some rice with it, so delicious!

And then went to Plaza Senayan, went around book store. It's been a long time i didn't read any book, i almost don't love books anymore. hahaha... But so surprising.... when i went around the book store, i stayed at where design books are located (i was looking at some logo and branding design book). So surprising because i used to avoid those books. er.. actually those books should be read as architecture books. LOL ! architecture books are design books too! hahaha...

And i also like to stay at Japanese books corner because there are so many interesting books! Especially handcrafts books!

Later we had lunch at Sushi Sei, then watched a movie called Source Code. Nice movie!

Then went home. Nice day !

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