Sunday, 3 April 2011

Can you control your greediness?

Can you control your greediness ?

It's a sentence for myself too.

Last month (March) is one of the unforgettable month. A lot of happenings.

The result is i am thinking a lot about money these few days.

But seeing everything, i chose to be a person who can feel enough though some people always said "never ever feel enough coz if you feel enough, you don't want to become better". That sentence is true, but i want to be a person who can control greediness.

I know it's hard to control "want" aka greediness.

Some days ago, i cleaned up my room and shoe rack. I found out that my shoes are broken (mostly they are broken because i seldom wear them) and made me want to buy shoes. And i bought & ordered shoes, basic shoes. I want a lot of shoes actually, but what for? First, wasting money. Second, i only can wear casual shoes on saturday and sunday. What if they are going to be broken because i seldom wear them (again) ?

And i chose to never expect to have "too high" living standard. If i am lucky to have nice living standard, i want to control the greediness. I don't want to be brand minded. If only i can buy stuff, i will choose good one with reasonable price (either it's branded or not). I don't want to buy something because of its brand only. Coz greediness will never ends. There will be sky over sky. I want to control not to look too high.

I'm afraid if I step into that greediness world (can't control "want"), it will be so hard to turn over. And i'm afraid that I can do something bad (which for sure i won't say it bad at that time coz i'll make it sounds right anyway) to fulfill my greediness.

Though that world looks so nice... and i know i can feel like wanting it too, but i'll try to control myself.

Let's control greediness ! ^^

And i'm really happy and feel grateful coz i have kind hearted people around me.
I feel grateful how those kind hearted people always give nice examples.

Tonight i did some calculation and thinking.. I want to always feel grateful and feel happy. One of the ways is giving. Learn to give. Tonight i also saw that giving won't do us harm, and giving can give you happy feeling, opportunities, etc. (giving -- either tangible e.g. money or intangible stuff e.g. information)

For tangible stuff, to be more specific: money, i planned to give regularly, even though it's not much.
If my oppa choose to make donation for UNICEF, then i choose to make donation to Tzu Chi :)
I feel happy ~ I think giving is one way to control greediness as well.

I feel grateful.

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