Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Singapore Jan 27th - 30th

Got a chance to visit Singapore ^^

Actually it's time to visit the doctor...

Here's some pictures (not much, but quite memorable.. haha)..

I brought Japanese ramen. It's delicious. Love ramen ^^

Japanese supermarket !

Those green boxes are so attempting. Macha macha ...

Tea time @ Toast Box

Teh tarik & eggs

I brought this for my bag :D . But sadly, i lost the flower somewhere.

Went to MUJI. Tried a drink - honey & yuzu .. it is nice ^^

Almost raining

It's raining everyday ~ rainy days

Went to Cookie Museum @Esplanade and tried the best cookies i've ever had.

Had dinner @Yoshinoya , Marina Square

i brought this super cute earring made from kimono fabric - imported from Japan ^^
i brought it Kokon Tozai store @Citi Link Mall

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