Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Happy Lunar New Year ^^

~ Happy Lunar New Year ~

새해 복 많이 바드세요~
새해도 건강하세요~

Both sentences above are two of three sentences which i memorized for a day.
I planned to say it but ... only said the 1st one. I even forgotten the 3rd sentences :P

I know this blog entry is kinda late.. Today is Feb 15th already. And the seollal (lunar new year) is on Feb 3rd this year. haha...

This lunar new year is the most memorable lunar new year since i was a kid until now.

1. My family (complete family members - grandparents, parents, auntie(s), uncle, cousins) came to Jakarta coz we took formal family pictures.

My parents and sister trying Korean food @ Chung Gi Wa

2. Experience seollal a bit. 오빠의 집 갔어요. 똑곡 먹었어요. and of course...
새배했어요 ! The very first time in my life ! I browse youtube and google the day before to learn some bows. There are so many types of bow.. But i chose this one (formal jeol for woman).

3. 오빠는 제가족이 만났어요 ^^

Meeting my family ^^

Hopefully this year will be the year which shows us the way to be success and happier
and go to the next step of our lives !

햐 ~~ lotus power is coming ~~ kk

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