Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Candy Sugar Japanese School Bag Review


As promised, i am going to review the Candy Sugar Japanese School Bag which i bought from Lawrara Shop ^^

I bought the "pushing logo" black color one ^^
The bag arrived at the 7th day after i bought it. I am so happy ~

and.. i love the bag so much ^^

Me with my Candy Sugar Japanese School Bag ^^

The bag has so many details ! i love it.

I love bag with a lot of compartments ^^
No need to use bag organizer anymore, no need to dig to find keys in a big bag anymore :p

And i can put so many things inside the bag ^^

Front side of the bag
It has two small pockets, 1 pocket with zipper, and hanger ( i already hang some accessories). LOL !
If you have any MRT card, i think you can hang the MRT card with a rope to the hanger while keeping the MRT card in the small pocket. So no need to take out your wallet where you keep the MRT card anymore :P

Two front small pockets. I put lip balm and USB flash disk inside. Oh and parking ticket. kkk.

The hanger.. The bag came with the pink hanger too. hihi.. I ever hang an umbrella to the pink hanger :P

Inside the front pocket (with zipper one).
Inside there's large space, 1 pocket for handphone, 1 small pocket, and 2 pen holders ^^

Inside the bag, there's a really large space, 1 bottle holder (you can put either hot or cold water ^^ ), and 1 pocket with button clip.
Inside the button clip pocket. You can put laptop there :)

At both left and right side of the bag, there are another hanger ^^
You can hang cute plushy, etc. kkk..

The bottom of the bag has the standing point. So the bag can stand steadily ^^
And actually, there's one more special thing about this bag. But it's secret ^^
If you have this bag, you might know what is it. hihi.

For me, this Candy Sugar Japanese School Bag is * * * * * (five stars) ^^
Love it a lot. I take it everywhere, to office, to mall, etc.




  1. WOW! It looks perfect! Thank you for the candy sugar bag review!!

  2. Hi ^^ i know the brand is candy sugar~ but can i know what model is it ? thanks

  3. Hai M!SuKe ~

    thanks for dropping by...

    My Candy Sugar bag is this one:


    (i can't read Japanese >.< )

    Have a nice day~

  4. OOoooh, >U< cute candy sugar bag!!

  5. hihi.. i also like it very much ^^
    though some people said it's big.. (sometimes ithink it's big too..) but i think it can hold all my daily stuff inside ^^

    I use it to work everyday..
    but since now i'm going to study... so i'll definitely use it to go to school.. :D

  6. Thanks for sharing this :)
    I'm looking for a japanese school bag,too so this review was very helpful to me!!

  7. Hi, RockingGalMika ..

    thanks for dropping by here ^^
    i really love this bag.. i still use it until today ^^

  8. Thank you for this review. I have wanted to buy a CS bag for a while but I couldnt find any reviews. This has helped me so much!!! ^_^

  9. Hi, Goddess ^^

    It's my pleasure :)

  10. Hello,
    May I know how tall are you?
    I also want to buy similar Japanese bag but I'm not sure if it will suit me because I am very short.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello!
      My height is around 157 - 158cm.
      The bag is wide but not vertically long, so i think it might be suitable for you.
      Also, Japanese students also use it, right? And students supposedly are not very tall too.

    2. Oh OK. I just want to be sure because I bought a bag once that was wide but it did not suit me at all. I tend to look even smaller than high school student.
      It suits you very well so I think I might buy one too.
      Thank you very much. ^_^

    3. hehe. Hopefully you will like it and suitable for you ^^

  11. May I ask if you know how many textbooks or school stuff the bag can fit? How long do you think the bag will last before it is unuseable? Thanks

    1. Hi!

      The width of the bag is around 12cm.
      If your textbook is very thick, maybe cannot fit much.

      The bag i think is very durable. Because until now, my bag is still in a very good condition ( i don't put too much stuff inside though, because if i bring a lot of stuff/heavy i prefer to use bag pack. Carrying heavy stuff with one shoulder only is tiring :P )

  12. Thanks. I'm going to buy the bigger bag so I could fit textbooks. Maybe once I'm out if school I'll buy the this bag if the large bag I bought isn't too big and in good condition.

  13. could you tell me how much is it in rupiah?

    1. Please check the estimate price using xe.com
      At that time when i bought it, it's about Rp 800,000. But now i don't know because i don't follow the exchange rate.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  14. Hello.. This review very helpful.. Just wanna ask, what about the measurement height for the handle?