Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Happy love time ~ Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine ^^

how's your valentine day?

i had dinner at "Seven to 7" which is located at PIK.
a kinda nice place and the food is nice.

most people were dressed up. i think we're the most casual couple there. :P
i picked up oppa from airport at 4pm. he wore t-shirt & shorts only while other guy there dressed so formal. haha.. and me myself wore regular office suit. so casual. hihi...

"Why people like to celebrate Valentine Day at Western restaurant?"
"Why don't we try to celebrate Valentine Day by eating xiao long bao?"
"Let's eat nasi padang using hands to celebrate Valentine Day."

Those are some of my thoughts that day :D

We arrived early - 6PM.

We got rose from "Seven to 7". hihi

other random pics <3

Our 1st photobox pictures

so hungry last week. had Domino's Pizza.
we shared a large size pizza. nom nom~

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Singapore Jan 27th - 30th

Got a chance to visit Singapore ^^

Actually it's time to visit the doctor...

Here's some pictures (not much, but quite memorable.. haha)..

I brought Japanese ramen. It's delicious. Love ramen ^^

Japanese supermarket !

Those green boxes are so attempting. Macha macha ...

Tea time @ Toast Box

Teh tarik & eggs

I brought this for my bag :D . But sadly, i lost the flower somewhere.

Went to MUJI. Tried a drink - honey & yuzu .. it is nice ^^

Almost raining

It's raining everyday ~ rainy days

Went to Cookie Museum @Esplanade and tried the best cookies i've ever had.

Had dinner @Yoshinoya , Marina Square

i brought this super cute earring made from kimono fabric - imported from Japan ^^
i brought it Kokon Tozai store @Citi Link Mall

Happy Lunar New Year ^^

~ Happy Lunar New Year ~

새해 복 많이 바드세요~
새해도 건강하세요~

Both sentences above are two of three sentences which i memorized for a day.
I planned to say it but ... only said the 1st one. I even forgotten the 3rd sentences :P

I know this blog entry is kinda late.. Today is Feb 15th already. And the seollal (lunar new year) is on Feb 3rd this year. haha...

This lunar new year is the most memorable lunar new year since i was a kid until now.

1. My family (complete family members - grandparents, parents, auntie(s), uncle, cousins) came to Jakarta coz we took formal family pictures.

My parents and sister trying Korean food @ Chung Gi Wa

2. Experience seollal a bit. 오빠의 집 갔어요. 똑곡 먹었어요. and of course...
새배했어요 ! The very first time in my life ! I browse youtube and google the day before to learn some bows. There are so many types of bow.. But i chose this one (formal jeol for woman).

3. 오빠는 제가족이 만났어요 ^^

Meeting my family ^^

Hopefully this year will be the year which shows us the way to be success and happier
and go to the next step of our lives !

햐 ~~ lotus power is coming ~~ kk

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Candy Sugar Japanese School Bag Review


As promised, i am going to review the Candy Sugar Japanese School Bag which i bought from Lawrara Shop ^^

I bought the "pushing logo" black color one ^^
The bag arrived at the 7th day after i bought it. I am so happy ~

and.. i love the bag so much ^^

Me with my Candy Sugar Japanese School Bag ^^

The bag has so many details ! i love it.

I love bag with a lot of compartments ^^
No need to use bag organizer anymore, no need to dig to find keys in a big bag anymore :p

And i can put so many things inside the bag ^^

Front side of the bag
It has two small pockets, 1 pocket with zipper, and hanger ( i already hang some accessories). LOL !
If you have any MRT card, i think you can hang the MRT card with a rope to the hanger while keeping the MRT card in the small pocket. So no need to take out your wallet where you keep the MRT card anymore :P

Two front small pockets. I put lip balm and USB flash disk inside. Oh and parking ticket. kkk.

The hanger.. The bag came with the pink hanger too. hihi.. I ever hang an umbrella to the pink hanger :P

Inside the front pocket (with zipper one).
Inside there's large space, 1 pocket for handphone, 1 small pocket, and 2 pen holders ^^

Inside the bag, there's a really large space, 1 bottle holder (you can put either hot or cold water ^^ ), and 1 pocket with button clip.
Inside the button clip pocket. You can put laptop there :)

At both left and right side of the bag, there are another hanger ^^
You can hang cute plushy, etc. kkk..

The bottom of the bag has the standing point. So the bag can stand steadily ^^
And actually, there's one more special thing about this bag. But it's secret ^^
If you have this bag, you might know what is it. hihi.

For me, this Candy Sugar Japanese School Bag is * * * * * (five stars) ^^
Love it a lot. I take it everywhere, to office, to mall, etc.