Sunday, 23 January 2011

happy pictures

I think i'll just post pictures.. hihi..

oh, i forgot to tell you that my Candy Sugar Bag has arrived since... 2 weeks ago i think.. It's arrived at the 7th day after i bought it. And.. the bag is amazing and i love it so much! I will make a review for it later coz i got my camera back ^^ (my aunt has returned it to me).

Steph's bday party @ Yuraku Kelapa Gading - Jan 22nd 2011

Kim So Eun - one of my favorite girls of the world ^^

My seniors' wedding party.
I like this pic because i can feel the happiness with seeing this picture only.
And... the falling papers' shape is <3 !!! SO CUTE !
Picture source

ox man - ㅋㅋㅋ

Sunday, 9 January 2011

행복해요 ^^

어제 아줌마 하고 오빠 하고 같이 식사했어요. 제 기분이 너무 좋아해요 <3
함지박 - 한국 식당에 갔어요.
모두 음식을 정말 맛싰다 ^^ 너무 좋아해요.

사랑해요 ^^

Saturday, 1 January 2011


Pictures are here!

We got chocolate and earphone

Exchanging gifts with friends ^^

Hang out with friends on Christmas Day
Currently i am in love with this song by Katy Perry. The title is "California Girls". I've heard it sometimes on the radio but i don't know who is the singer nor the title. And then i forgot about it. Two days ago i heard this song again while i had lunch at Chili's so i went home and tried to google search for this song.

The song is real nice coz i don't know why but somehow the music reminds me of - or kinda make me imagining the - 90s setting. And its music is so suitable for you to dance and enjoy yourselves ! Haha.

" California girls 
We're unforgettable 
Daisy Dukes 
Bikinis on top 
Sun-kissed skin 
So hot 
We'll melt your Popsicle 
Oooooh oh oooooh "

Oh.. and.. yesterday i decided to re-watch The OC. And.. more ca-li-for-nia ..! OC stands for Orange County - a place in California where wealthy people live at.

Picture Source
What a kinda great way to pass the year right? or actually it's kinda lame. I felt like an 아줌마. But luckily i picked The OC, so not that 아줌마 lah... Haha!

And, yesterday i was so annoyed by people who sent broadcast messages via blackberry messenger. I was watching DVD and my phone (around 11PM - 1 AM) keeps beeping like crazy. I was sooo annoyed.. I was so annoyed at the Christmas Day too. I ended all those messages without opening or even reading them.

I wonder why people won't just update (write) "Happy New Year" on their status. That i won't be annoyed. Why should broadcast messages? Basically they just choose "select all" button and sent. The messages are not truly for you (coz maybe they also forgot that you are on their contacts list). Some people sent me sms and i appreciate those people who sent me sms much much more coz sending sms costs some money so that you chose to whom you are going to send the message.

Okay, so .. Happy New Year 2011 !

New fringe, inspired by Suzuki Airi (one of my fave girls) ^^