Friday, 31 December 2010

waiting for my japanese school bag

When i re-watched 1 litre of tears, i just realized that the Japanese school girls use the almost exactly same school bags. The basic designs of those bags are same. 

Rectangular very simple and classic bag which looks like a suitcase with 2 stripes vertically across the bag and those 2 stripes are the handle as well. And the length of the handle is... almost same too.. 

*Japanese school uniforms including the accessories are really the best in the world, i think* 

So that you can imagine how the bags look like, please see pictures which i got from google below:

Look at those bags..

More bags..

And i've been thinking for 3 weeks of getting one Japanese school bag for myself.

The 1st week, i tried to browse where i can buy a Japanese school bag. I even asked my friends to keep an eye if they saw a bag like that. :P

Then i found a shop which sells Japanese School Bag ! It has various school bags but i want this black one (coz others look too young for me ㅠ.ㅠ) :

Candy Sugar Leather Bag

I wanted the bag coz i think it is versatile - i can use it for work and it'll look like a "professional" bag coz it it large, simple, and can keep documents ... while (my favorite style of course..) i also can use it for casual time and i'll look like a high school girl !!! *grin*

And one more thing i love is people can't judge you. (some people might judge you from the bag you use. But with this very simple neat bag, people can't judge you * i think so * . They can't tell if it's expensive or not. It is so neat and nice, but it is so simple that it doesn't have any monogram or any branded sign). 

Currently i am using a bag which has a copied design of a branded bag. I brought the bag coz it's large, simple, and i like the color. But for some people, brand is so important. It makes me look like "the girl who is wearing a fake bag" while i brought the bag just because it is large, simple, i like the color, and i don't care about the brand. So i feel like i don't want to use it anymore (after a year). And also the bag sometimes is not that useful coz it has not many compartments. Only 1 large space and 1 tiny pocket. Using a bag organizer doesn't help much. If you know what bag that i mean and if you are using it too, you might feel the same about the problems using this bag.

Then.. i thought i am going to save for a real branded simple bag. But when i saw this Japanese school bag, i realized that this Japanese school bag is much more worthy ^^ Using branded bags might give you happiness - a label for you to bring. But.. branded bags are not that nice for daily use. Some of them are so heavy even when you haven't fill it with anything, some of them don't have zipper which make you become a temptation for pickpockets, some of them are so hard to maintain or keep it clean, etc.

This Candy Sugar Japanese school leather bag is quite pricey for a school bag (but much much more cheaper than branded bags for sure) but the bag is so useful and so detailed ! It has a pocket with zipper on the front side (i can put my purse there) which has more pockets inside (i can put my keys and handphone there) and pen holders. Then there are more pockets without zipper on the front side (for small stuff like hair clips or parking ticket) . Inside, there is a large space (for dry tissue,wet tissue, documents, etc.) and another pocket (for sanitary napkin other stuff) and plus, a bottled water space. And there might be more spaces (coz i haven't see the real thing, and from some pictures only, i already can see so many spaces. There might be more ! *hopefully* hihi ) Ah i really love it even though i haven't received it yet.. Oops... yet? :P 

yeah, so after 3 weeks of dreaming, imagining, thinking + dreamt about it 2 times + a whole night yesterday thinking about it (coz it's on sale and today is the last day), i decided to buy it. yeay ! i think it's worth it ^^

later when i want to look like a high school girl, i will customized the bag so it'll look like something cute like this : 

so cute ~~

PS. My review for the bag here.



  1. Did you get your bag yet? Was it worth it?? :D
    I'm thinking about buying one too...but it's $70 with shipping at Lawara shop!!

  2. Hi... thank you for dropping by ^^

    i really love my bag ^^

    I already wrote a review for it :

    I use regular registered mail service which is $19 to my country (Indonesia) ^^ I received it at the 7th day ^^

    Tell me if you bought it too ^^

  3. hi there i intend to buy this kind of school bag.

    can i ask what u meant by "regular registered mail service"?

    actually i've never been online shopping before and i don't have paypal nor credit card

    i've read purchasing regulations at Lawara shop, can i ask u the details?

    btw part in indonesia are u? coz i'm also an indonesian

  4. Hi, puu264 ^^

    Saya di Jakarta sih...
    "Regular registered mail service" itu kirim via kantor pos biasa gitu..(bukan pakai yg ternama seperti DHL, dll)

    Tapi ada nomor trackingnya kok jadi nanti habis Lawrara Shop kirim barangnya, dia kasih tau kita nomor pengirimannya. Nanti nomor tersebut bisa kita cek di website kantor pos HK Post (karena Lawrara Shop kirim dari HK).

    Saya juga tidak punya paypal dan tidak punya credit card, jadi waktu itu saya belinya via jasa orang lain yang punya paypal.
    Bisa di searh (misalnya search di kaskus) untuk cari orang yang menawarkan jasa tersebut.
    Waktu itu sih saya pakai jasa ^^

  5. They looks so cute! I want the bag too but in my country.. hah I can't any were get him so i have to did it myslef... It'll ehm.. fun maybe.. i hope :D That shop looks good and the bags too :) I think they don't look to young :D They elegant in every coloure! ^^ Looks like profesional i want to! Yes all about the bag is true :D Costumized it looks so cute :) And when i read your review i want the bag too! But I don't trust them much.

  6. Hi, Clare!
    So you made the bag by yourself?

    I also like the bag very much ^^

  7. Hi..I really want this bag!but i don't know
    how to buy it and i also want to know the price of this bag.. Please tell me.! >.<

  8. Encourage your youngster to utilize both shoulder lashes and never sling the rucksack more than one shoulder. heavy school bags