Tuesday, 7 December 2010

hair pins

Sunday - Dec 5th, there's a friend's wedding party ^^
This is the first wedding party which i will go together with oppa. kk. The last wedding party i went to with oppa is not counted because at that day i was a bridesmaid ^^

I don't know what should i do with my hair because lately these days my hair is not pretty. I did make it curly, but i don't really know how to take care of it so sometimes it doesn't look good (my grandma said it's messy).

So, i chose to tied everything up. And because my fringe is not long enough, it's hard for me to tied it up. I used hair spray and gel a lot but still.. there are some short fringe can't be tied up. Then i asked my grandma if she has any oil for hair.

Then my grandma took this box of hair pins out.
The box looks so old.. the box color is kinda yellowish already. and look at the font.. so old style..

Then my grandma took some of the hairpins out and pinned my hair. While doing that, she said (translated), 

"these hairpins are from the old times when you were still doing ballet. When you had shows, the teacher who tied your hair at that time pinned your hair using these hairpin. So when you came home and unpinned them, i kept them."

I almost cried. I tried not to cry because i had my make up on. If only i am brave enough to hug her. While writing this, i am crying as well...

Well, i am an expressive person. But sadly, most of my family members are not expressive. They think that expressive is a childish way to show your feelings. So usually they act cool. That's why, in my family, we can't really show love. We always show love in weird way - grumbling, etc. So, though i am an expressive person, i am not expressive at showing love to my family.

That's not good.. Coz the moment i am not in a good mood, my expression makes them broken heart. While when i am in a good mood, i can't really show love. Ironic...

Luckily the younger generation in my family now try to show love. They do hug, they do kiss.

Ah.. it's becoming more sad. To stop it, i'd say that maybe at my wedding day later i might cry too. LOL. I think i have to retouch my make up a lot of time at that day :p

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