Sunday, 26 December 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

wew.. sorry for not posting.. i think i always leave my blog not updated ㅠ.ㅠ
when i want to update it, the internet connection is too slow. actually it's an excuse coz i don't have any idea of what to blog about.  Both are true actually.

Went out with friends on Dec 12nd ^^ It's been so long i didn't go out with them :P
We went to Senayan City and had dinner at XO Suki.

Upper : Eric, Frick, Ranger
Lower : Irwandi, Grace, Mira, Asun, Mulyono, me
The girls ~~ Mira, Grace, and me ^^

Last week on Dec 18th, we met again at the wedding of Eric's sister.

오빠, me, Putri as bridesmaid, Eric, Mira, Asun. This picture is taken by Ranger.
Ranger, me, Putri, Eric, Mira, Asun.
사랑하는 오빠 하고 ^^
I met with friends for exchanging gifts ^^ Dec 23rd @ Artha Gading Mall.
We ate Ramen 38 (Sanpachi). The soup of the ramen is so delicious ^^ I can't remember what did my friends and i ordered coz all the ramen name is in Japanese. ㅋㅋ

Molita with her so spicy ramen - spiciness level 13 !! 갸 ! Molita can't drink the soup coz it's too spicy :p
Hiro with his curry ramen ! This one tastes nice !
Steph with her ramen + tofu ! All of us think that this one is the most delicious one ^^
오빠의 라면. 맛있다 ^^
제 라면 ^^ The soup tastes same like oppa's
Unfortunately, Nora & Venny was stuck because of traffic jam. So they can't join us for ramen coz they came late - around 8.30 PM. So while waiting for them, we went around to Daiso (a store which sell so many Japanese stuff, all items @IDR 22,000 ^^).

Btw, since i re-watched "1 Litre Of Tears", i love Japan/Japanese a lot more. Before it's like so - so. But nowadays, there are so many Japan/Japanese related stuff which attracts me a lottt... Okay, back to the story.

There are so many cute items in Daiso and i feel like want to buy a lot of stuff >.< I ended up buying a flirty dress for 단비. So coincidence, today is 단비의 생일 !

사랑하는 단비. 생일 축하해요 !

단비 wearing the flirty dress. ㅋㅋ Picture taken by 오빠의 엄마 and sent to me the next day.
So after Nora & Venny came, we went to Pizza Hut accompanying them having dinner. And we did exchanging gifts there ^^ Pictures are taken by Molita's camera so currently i haven't have the pictures yet.

I got chocolate from Nora ^^
Nora got "i love working" cup from Molita. This is so funny coz currently Nora is not love working :P
Molita got a cute spoon - christmas decoration - from Steph.
Steph got my useless cupcakes shape container. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
While 오빠 got earphone from Hiro.
Hiro got cheese snack from Venny.
and Venny got a really cute duck tootbrushes holders from 오빠 ^^

and... yesterday was Dec 25 th !

merry christmas !

I went to a Christian church for the very first time. 오빠 하고 같이 갔어요.

It is IES ( International English Service ). Most people who joined the IES family are expatriates. I think i met someone like Harry Potter, and then i saw someone like Will Smith, and more... ㅋㅋ and the service is in English. Coz my conversation skill in english is still not that good, i hardly understand them ㅠ.ㅠ But i think it's good coz it's a practice, right ? ^^

And i was so surprised coz it's so different from Catholic church !

First, i saw a girl with short pants. I was like so surprised coz if i wear short pants to Catholic church, i think people will be staring at me coz some people might think that i don't respect God by wearing so not formal and show flesh outfit. But then i read at the paper they gave, there's a writing which means something like this ( i can't remember the exact sentences): Some people dress up, some people dress down. Which matter is what makes you feel comfortable. I think it's nice to think more open like this ^^

Then, the music is live with drum, guitar, etc. And the lightning is awesome. I feel like i'm watching a concert. And because of that, the music strikes the heart. A great way to awake the sleepy spirit. Nice..

And.. The service.. it feels like i am watching a TV show. I don't feel bored! Well, not that bored like usual.

But what i like the most is the feeling - surrounded by so many different people. Different nations, different races, different skin color, different style, etc. And they express themselves with their own way ! No one judges them ! That is my favorite part. The Harry Potter guy sit well, Will Smith guy dance while singing, some people cried because of joy (maybe), etc.

Okay.. then after the service, 식당에 갔어요 ^^ We went to Nikko Hotel and had lunch at Origami Restaurant - a Japanese food buffet ^^ Delicious ! I forgot to take pictures ㅠ.ㅠ

밤에, 오빠의 친구 만났어요. 도원 한국 식당에 갔어요.

me, 오빠, 대현 오빠, 엘리고 (일번 사람), 말리고 (일번 사람), 재석 오빠, Rudi, 한설 오빠.
그리고 다른 친구 왔어요. 샘유 오빠. 우리는 더미노 글럽 (스나얀 시티에 있어요) 갔어요. 오빠 하고 친구 하고 정말 귀여워요. Like high school guys. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ...

그럼.. 집에 왔어요 ^^

Last, pics of some 김. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

안녕 ^^

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