Friday, 26 November 2010

Kim ?

hi ^^
this blog is like my.. let's say... hmm.. 1000th blogs.. ? *exaggerated too much*
i know i neglected my old blogs ㅠㅠ sorry~

actually i love my first blog a lot... but after writing for 1 year, i don't know how but there's an ugly alien who i don't recognized at all came from i don't know where and it tried to be a stalker. more, my email was hacked too by other person. so, i just don't want to use that nickname anymore and i neglected my blog. i tried to write at new blogs but can't write more than 5 posts *:hammer:*

hopefully this one will be a continuous blog ^^

ah you might can guess that the term "Rabbit" at this blog name is refer to me.. * ahh wanna be so cute as rabbit :hammer: *  i named it so because i was born in the rabbit year. 저는 토끼예요. ㅋㅋ

as you can see, i love Kim ^^ ah ? no, i am not loving a person named Kim. i love Jang. kkk.. 제 오빠 어디야 ? Kim or Gim (김) is seaweed in Korean ^^ it is the same as nori in Japanese ^^

When i was a kid in kindergarten, a friend gave me kim and i hate it coz it tastes bitter ( i still remember the scene until today. kkk). But then... when i was a junior high school student, i love kim already <3 and now i love kim even more ~ i can eat it everyday everytime. kkk

I tried a lot of kim. Some years ago, my favourite kim is Tao Kae Noi spicy one.

And now, for these months, my favorite kim is this :
Jae Lae Kim

it is salty ^^ i love salty foods.
오빠는 짠 김을 안좋아해요. 하지만, 듣기 싫어요. ㅋㅋ. 저는 너무 좋아해요~ 
and it is so delicious when you eat it with rice together !
when i feel like don't like the vegetables available at my house, i will eat rice with kim only.. kkk.

ah... makes me feel like wanting kim and sundubu jigae now ~



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  2. i know already how i joining your blog ,this is because of your bag ( candy sugar ) haha ~~ that time i am searching for this design and i like it ^^ and then found out your blog ~~~an then then then your blog was interested ~~~haha

  3. haha... so at last did you buy the candy sugar bag?

    until now i still love my candy sugar bag so much... :D
    but if i put too many stuff inside or carry too many books, it's so heavy because the weight is on 1 shoulder only T_T

    but it's so pretty so i love it sooo much :D