Tuesday, 30 November 2010

i miss Medan

these days i am missing my hometown - Medan - a lot a lot ... hihi..
though Medan is one of the biggest city in Indonesia.. but i still consider Medan as a town ^^ *and actually i hope that it will always be a town, please don't be a big city like Jakarta* call me conservative or anything, but i really wish that Medan won't be like Jakarta.

Medan 2009 - view from the Loft ( a food court area at Thamrin Plaza )
It's not that i don't want Medan to become better. *Coz i myself don't consider Jakarta as better.*
I think Jakarta has more places to go and to see than Medan. That's all. But after living for 5 years in Jakarta, i realized that actually there's not much places in Jakarta as well. *Jakarta got too many malls*

I don't want Medan to have too much tall buildings and malls like Jakarta. I don't want Medan people should wake up extra early everyday and go through at least 1 hour traffic to reach somewhere, work to 5 and then go through another at least 1 hour traffic and got home feeling so tired, can't care much about other stuff and just want to take a rest / sleep asap.

Hopefully Medan will only have a few tall buildings and not much malls (so that won't be too consumptive). And i hope Medan people can wake up at normal time *let's say.. 6 AM*, have enough time to have breakfast (not in a rush or takeaway breakfast like me everyday), go to the workplace or school in 30mins or less, work, and at around 5.30PM has arrived at home, cuddling with family, have dinner together, watch television or do something together and then have a nice sleep.

* i heard that life in Medan now is becoming more like Jakarta everyday T___T maybe because of magazines or else *

anyway... as older generation does... maybe when Medan changes, i'll still be living in the "old time which i love" world :P

Hopefully i'll buy airplane tickets tomorrow ^^

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